Sportsman-Limited Late

Snow Bros. stock clip car setup as a 3 link right now has 4 link and z link brackets.9 inch floater rear with 620 gear and a 600 gear. 10 inch wheels also have 8 inch wheels for it.headers,radiator, driveshaft.all it needs is a motor and trans. was run at Bubbas 11c. very straight car.body is a little rough.$4,000.00.picture of car can be seen at rewing photos 3-26-12 Black 11c



I can make it turn key with a flat top 355 World Product Heads solid lift cam with 3 speed for $6,500.00

sold motor car for sale $3,800.00


New Price $3,200.00

Will Take $3,200.00 For Complete Roller Minus Motor And Trans. Only

$2,500.00 minus gear and seat

looking for a modified will trade

New Price

Price Is $3,500.00 Has Quickchange Now And All Wide 5 Hubs

this is a good straight car. needs to go before I build another motor for it.$3,500.00