Racetrack nickname trivia

Several tracks are known by nicknames, but im not looking for things like “The Action Track”, or “The Fastest (insert track length here) Track in the South”.

There are a few cool ones that came to mind. Do you know the real names of these places?

The Mad Dog
The Madhouse
The Hornets Nest
The Charlie Bowl
“The Park”
The Square
The Cement Palace
The Steel Palace
The Ditch
Earl’s Place

Feel free to add others…

The Steel Palace is Oswego, right?

Earls place= Eldora, Rossburg Oh.

The Park - Riverside Park, Agawam MA
The Madhouse - Bowman-Gray Stadium
The Cement Palace - Seekonk Speedway
Earl’s Place - Eldora (OH) Speedway - now it’s Tony’s Place LOL

Steel Palace- Oswego
The Park- Riverside ?
The Square- Flemington?
Madhouse- Bowman Gray
Earl’s Place- Eldora, , Dave posted it while I was preparing to edit. LOL

Mad Dog = Monadnock in NH

Very good… ALL correct answers so far. Still looking for Hornets Nest, Charlie Bowl and The Ditch.

You guys are good.

“The Ditch”…Riverside speedway, W. Memphis, Arkansas

“The Hornets Nest” …Taladega short track.

no clue on “charlie bowl”

Palmbayer nailed 2 more. Only the Charlie Bowl left.

Hey Jerry… what about
" thunder in the pines"?
the grove?
the moody mile?

By the way…The square AKA modified country usa, was the greatest track ever!

The Grove, Williams Grove PA
The Moody Mile, Syracuse NY
A guess on Thunder in the Pines might be Thunder Road VT

Geoff… never made it to Flemington, but read about it every week growing up. Not unusual at all if 4-6 cars got upside down every race night.

Jerry… what a shame! Flemington was a great track with some of the biggest names every Sat. night. I grew up at “the square”!!! ( until they paved it, end of a great track)

thunder in the pines…New Eygpt speedway in N.J. ( used to be asphalt, closed for a period, and now is the baddest dirt track. Check it out on youtube or the website.

I announced at Monadnock Speedway for many years. A very fast, high bank 1/4 mile speedway.

Charlie Bowl

The Charlie Bowl is St. Charles,Mo. speedway. I think Kenny Schrader owns the place or at least he used to.

Give Beach Bum a ring of the bell. Kenny used to race there, along with Mike & Kenny Wallace (not sure about Rusty), but if I recall, it has since closed. Schrader DOES own a track nearby, but it’s I-55 Speedway in Pevely, MO.

I could be wrong about Charlie Bowl, but I’m pretty sure about I-55.

The Vill is Lerenerville Speedway
Dirts Monster Half Mile is Pittsburgh’s PA Motorspeedway