Troy DeCaire Back In Winning Form

Winchester, IN - August 19, 2012 - Two-time and defending TRUFUEL Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS) champion Troy DeCaire made a lightning quick pass for the lead and never looked back Sunday afternoon at Winchester Speedway. DeCaire captured his second MSRXSS victory of the year to sweep both MSRXSS Winchester Speedway events this season as well. DeCaire’s engine held up just long enough to take him to victory before blowing up on the cool down lap.

DeCaire, who started in fifth position, nearly got into the wall on lap 10 when he caught dirty air from a couple of cars he was battling with. DeCiare’s car pushed up towards the wall before he recovered and quickly worked his way into second position. DeCaire then made a lightning quick pass of race leader Aaron Pierce on lap 14 entering turn one. He then checked out and built up a straight away lead over second running Aaron Pierce. The 30 lap event went green to checkered.

In victory lane, DeCaire explained his pass for the lead." Once I got a run on him (Pierce) I was committed.Once I got 2-3 car lengths from him I thought it might be too early to make a pass. Its one of those things where when your rolling you gotta commit. You gotta pounce on them while you got the chance and while you got that head of steam. If you lift for a second you might get sucked in their air. You might sit for 3 or 4 laps before you get another chance to mount a run on them. I just got a good run and it stuck. That’s the main thing " explained DeCaire.

DeCaire’s day could have ended earlier but Lady Luck made sure that wouldn’t be the case on this day. DeCiare’s engine let go on the cool down lap. " The last 3-4 laps it felt like the motor started letting go. I think the head was lifting off the block.It sounded like exhaust valves banging around in there. The last 3-4 laps I tried to run it about three quarter throttle. Luckily It blew up on the cool down lap. If it wasn’t for my guys, Northside Propane, Jobsite Concrete, Gaerte Engines, Sweet, and Spike, I wouldn’t have been able to do this " concluded DeCaire.

DeCaire was followed to the stripe by Pierce, Jo Jo Helberg, Jason Cox, and Jeff Bloom rounding out the top five. Helberg lead the way in qualifying with a lap of 13.429 seconds. Heat races were won by DeCaire, Jacob Wilson, and Cox.

Feature Finish-30 Laps (20 Cars):

91 Troy DeCaire
26p Aaron Pierce
7 JoJo Helberg
40 Jason Cox
26 Jeff Bloom
51 Mike Larrison
6 Sondi Eden
07 Jacob Wilson
10s Jimmy McCune
61 Kevin Feeney
41 Brian Olson
20 Kyle Flint
75 Jerry Caryer
61k Kyle Feeney
10 Jason Blonde
18 Jim Sheets
50 Brian Gerster
37 Hank Lower
12 Billy Wease
88 A.J. Russell

Anderson, IN Results - August 18, 2012:

Feature Finish-50 Laps: (19 Cars)

7 Jo Jo Helberg
07 Jacob Wilson
26p Aaron Pierce
50 Brian Gerster
40 Jason Cox
45 Ryan Gillenwater
91 Troy DeCaire
41 Brian Olson
64 Geoff Kaiser (-1)
6 Sondi Eden (-1)
88 Jimmy McCune (-2)
10s A.J. Russell (-2)
12 Billy Wease (-2)
18 Jim Sheets (-16)
37 Hank Lower (-20)
26 Jeff Bloom (-21)
51 Mike Larrison (-30)
5r Darren Roberts (-35)
10 Jason Blonde (-36)

Troy won the non-stop 30-lap race at Winchester in 7:07:93… WOW!

I’ve been To Winchester, and Salem also, several times—and yes, those races click-off fast, in no time at all.
That quickness, along with the talents and fields of machinery, and the show that they put on, allows them an intermission after almost every race.
Whole different world at venues like that.