Money well spent at OSW !!!

Even though I did it the “wrong way” the response I’m getting from sponsoring part of the strictly stock race is awesome !
All of us(I’m guessing) did this to “help out” the other night never expecting anything. This is very cool to say the least.

Great to hear that it’s paying off. I know you didn’t expect any return, but got it anyways.

I can’t do it often myself, but it is fun “giving back” to the sport in the way of a bonus to racers that don’t normally get any pay for their efforts. I also thought Mark Keeler did a great job of airing our company names over the PA system. My ONLY regret is that the racer I owed my bonus money to, had left before I could find him and personally hand him some cash. it is waiting for him the next time he pulls in though.

Good time… we’ll have to do it again John. And I’m still not gonna do it the “right way” as we were told in no uncertain terms. I’ll give out MY money any way I choose to…!