Northwest Missouri State Fair Races-A-Mods-B-Mods-Video

Night II, different track, different race cars. Just 24 hours later and the track is dry and breaking apart in the corners where the race cars are brutalizing the dirt on the entry to the turns especially on the top side of the track where no one was even close to running last night. Even with these conditions remember, the saying, “it’s the same for everyone in the race”.

For the last night of the Fair and the Labor Day weekend their was still a good crowd and car count. Dust was at a premium but managed to stay out of the stands.

Earlier in the day radar showed a chance of rain but most stayed to the North of the track, in the later stages of the program the track announcer began to say we were in for it. Rain struck as the A-Mods were on the 4th lap of their a-main. Dennis Elliott was declared the winner and the 2012 Northwest Missouri State Fair came to a wet and quick end with hot dogs and what ever going for a dollar at the Boy Scout booth under the grandstands.

A big thanks to Chet, I forgot your last name, for the call on the races both nights. Enjoy.