Attention: Major Tire Change for Punta Gorda Speedway

Attention: Major Tire Change for Punta Gorda Speedway
Punta Gorda Speedway owners Kevin and Terry Williams would like to announce that Hoosier Tires will be the tire of choice for the second half of 2012 and beyond. We would like to thank Goodyear for all they have done for our speedway and our racers. Goodyear has been a great partner and supporter.
And at the same time, we look forward to building a new relationship with Hoosier Tire for years to come.

Attention: Racers
The points will remain the same. The first half points champions will receive a Goodyear jacket at the end of the season. The overall champion will receive a Hoosier jacket. Also if the second half champion is different than the overall champion the second half champion will also receive a Hoosier jacket.
Attention Any Goodyear tire that was purchased at Punta Gorda Speedway and is new and never run with the sticker on, can be exchanged for a Hoosier tire of the same tread pattern.
Example: Slick for a Slick, Treaded for a Treaded

All= SLM can run Goodyear tires for 1 race.
All= RW, CC, SS, PT, RT & Pro 4?s can run Goodyear tires for 2 weeks or 2 races before changing to Hoosier?s.

Thank you for your continued support.
Kevin & Terry Williams

Yahoooooooooo that’s awesome

Great Move!!!


That is one of the best move’s PGS has done, now will the mods be on a slick f53 or treads ??? Either way I think it will help

Is it going to be the Hoosier Commanche treaded tire you are refferring to as a treaded tire or the 650/450 grooved tire? There is a great difference.


I think all OWM’s should be on the 8" Hoosier Slick…They seem to have a little bit better grip which can help for some better racing at some of these small bull rings, even PGS because of its lack of banking.

And I noticed that PGS scheduled the Mods right over the EBR race at Showtime…kind of a bonehead move there…(No offense Boneman!)

the OWM race at PGS will be removed from that date.


Thank You Linda

Your welcome,
Kevin pulled them off that date when it was brought to his attention.


will they be on the same tire as showtime…f-53’s ?


LOL Linda can you answer my previous questions.

Everyone is on the treaded tire(OWM, TRUCKS,SPORTSMAN,STREETSTOCK,BOMBERS), all but Latemodels. Hope this helps.

Not everyone, Showtime is on the slicks and I can buy them for 488.00 mounted, tax included. That’s cheaper than the treaded, groved,or what ever u want to call them.I thought the whole purpose of going to those tires was to save the racer money LMAO, GUESS WHAT they ain’t saving nobody nothing they burn off just like any other tire and they suck to race on, maybe thats why yoho is getting the mod count that he is, just saying. they might be saving the lower hp classes money, but they suck on a mod

And just when I get a little money saved to buy some tires and thought about making a trip down there, I now hear they are going to run the ribbed (and yes that is what Hoosier calls them. I still like Airplane tires!) tires. Oh well I guess it’s off to Sunshine/Showtime in a couple weeks. And for all you non-belivers, I will be there. Come and see!!!


for the answer Bill…even though I completely agree with T.C. 3 to 4 tenths with new grooved after 1 race. DD I dont believe it…I will definately be looking for you…

DD38 Is coming to showtime, say it ain’t so, will someone please call the TRIBUNE. This should be worthy of a front page story, all kidding aside yu should try and make the EBR RACE the guns will be there from all over the state, PS sorry for jacking you’re thread pgs

Don’t think my driver is available for that race.

Dont shoot the messenger. Just thought I would give you what I know. Tony I totally agree with you, price is the same, and you have to buy new tires with a mod anyway.