swap big weight training machine for kart stuff

Have large weight training machine partially disassembled, moderate condition, not real pretty, to trade for something in the karting world. Big - has about 18 weights you move a pin to increase the amount, leg lifts, arms, 2 or 3 chairs bolted around the machine.

Looks like it’s all there, but can’t guarantee if its missing a bolt or two (like you’d use on a lead kart weight) - I have the assembly drawings.

More info to come, would certainly consider a gift certificate to TS racing…

Also have a basketball hoop I’d swap for whatever, just missing the net there.

Located in Clermont

More info

First I’d trade the hoop for almost anything. Especially a BSP carb.

Second the weight machine is an 800.00 internet special or /1300.00 list price monster Powerline BodySolid EXM-2500.1 with 20 weights and anything you can think of for excercizing. Some minor rust and the apolstery isn’t wonderful. And I am looking for an offset body for an 08 Prowler, or for a set of split gears in the 57-62 range + a 17 driver for a maxtorque clutch. Or a 17T clutch and the rear splits. Not much to swap for a complete weight training science project that may need only a bolt or two if that. Or 100 bucks takes it- as is.


Link for what it is when assembled.

Let me know. Thanks


sold ,thanks all