Happy B-Day Carol Wicks!

Happy Birthday Carol! I hope you have a wonderful day!

From all of us too!

Happy birthday carol, from the carreno family

Starting another decade huh Carol??..:sprachlos020:
Happy Birthday ooooooz :huepfen024:


I am so overwhelmed. over 110 wishes on Facebook and now Karnac! Thank you soooooo much. Phone calls, cards and even a Tony tee shirt! I dont know if I deserve this but i can honestly say it has made this SEVENTIETH birthday very special… im a little hurt because i havent heard a word from Christian Grey or Tony!!! Maybe later… Thank you sooo much. 61 has healed an emotional wound! Love you …:huepfen024:
Carol Wicks

Happy Birthday Carol, hope you have many many more !!!

Happy Birthday Carol and many more. billy