Midget Series

Ok so it is out there now…With so much confusing going on between 2 small car series here in the State of Florida something had to be done and the SSSS (Southern States Sprints Series) aka Lightning Sprints have taking it upon themselves and try to resolve some of it…Explain…1st of mini sprints all over the US were 13" wheeled upright cars, so a few years ago California adapted the name “LIGHTNING SPRINTS” from our friends over in New Zealand and Australia…now a lightning sprint is a 750-1200cc motorcycle powdered, 13" wheeled, chain driven WINGED MIDGET, but here in Florida the FMSA (Florida Mini Sprint Association) run the 750 micro chassis sidewinder cars and have called themselves that for 20 years now. The SSLS ran the same cars along with the lightning sprint cars but without wings…but there are still some confusion so as of 2013 they will be known as the Southern States Midget Series simply because they are totally NON WING SERIES ONLY…as the rules read now a quick changes is allowed along with the chain drive…these upright midget cars or (Lightning Sprints)are just what they are…the same cars you see at the Chili Bowl/PowrI/USAC cars except with STRICTLY STOCK motorcycle engines…We feel this will help fans be able to distinguish between the 2 series. Also the 600/750 sidewinder mini sprints will have the own division as the series grows and they will be know as the SS Sidewinder Midgets…hope this helps out and we are looking forward to running this weekend at the Bullring of Marion County Speedway and having the FMSA on the same card as the SSMS which we have worked out with MCS to allow anyone the opportunity to race both Series