2011 UFO outlaw 4 1K

car only has maybe twenty races on it full tube chassis. been wrecked a few times, been fixed a few more. 3 link rear, Bilstein shocks all the way around with Eibach springs. Ford 2300 Pletcher motor VDL holley 4412. car is scaled and ready for ocala proven winner, always upfront. the car has stock cross member with stock mustang lowers and tubular uppers. all good stuff. selling roller $4000 raceready $7500

Proven winner?Always up front?Um yea when was that?:anim_buttkick:

And then he woke up and realized he was only dreaming! Haha


when ever one of you tuff guys feel bad enough find me at the track so we can talk about it. its easy for 1ar to win when theres five cars

yea i’ve given away more trophies than you will ever win!

hey will u trade for a street stock race ready



1ar thats my best friend that could not make 2 laps with out spinning out or running through the infield so you may want to keep that one trophy you gave away or keep running the 4 car shows at ocala

sell as roller only minus motor driveshaft seat. $3800


2011 ,


sell roller minus motor tranny seat driveshaft for $3000