looking & very serious with cash

I am in the process of moving to Florida within the next couple months. I currently have what would not fit in the sportsmans class there & would need some major updates to run late models competitively. I am 99% sure I am selling my entire operation (car, trailer) and planning to start over for something that is legal down there.

I am looking for a SUPER nice Sportsman or Late Model front to back, inside & out with no corners cut & put together very nice. want to make sure everything is up to date & has been well taken care of. If its been bent, Im not interested.

heres the kicker and not trying to anger or upset anyone, just being honest as I am very maticulous with my stuff and am looking for something the same: if the chassis is not put togther or welded together properly, been thrown together or it does not have good stuff on it or been very well taken care of, I am not interested. I want something either new that someone simply stopped building, something that is a proven good car that someone is getting rid of or out of the class & Im looking for one with a good solid motor. I would be interested in buying entire operation (car, truck, trailer, extra parts, spare motor, etc.) if someone had it that way.

I have CASH & have no issue paying for something worth buying. If its something I like or want, I am not a low baller, I will look at it, message you, call you, ask some questions & then, if its something I like, I will make an offer and go from there. I could and can just build new but not gonna have alot of time to do that for a while once i get there & wanna race so this is the best option for me. anyone who has anything, please private message me and/or send me some pics of the front clip (both corners and convering the entire front section of the chassis, rear clip the same as the front, interior area, spare parts, trailer with several pics & we will definately talk. my email address is listed below. Thanks everyone for checking this out & hope to hear from someone soon.

I have attatched pics of past cars I have had with the candy red one being my 2012 car. thanks again.