Crane Cams V8 StockCar's at the SARRC Invitational Challenge

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Racer’s will descend on Roebling Road Raceway near Bloomingdale, Georgia for round 7 of the series. The South East Division of the SCCA SARRC Invitational Challenge will be the event. Roebling Road is a little jewel of a circuit some twenty miles west of historic Savannah, Georgia.Roebling is a favorite of club racer’s in the south for its’ technical, rolling back side coupled with a 2600 foot long straightaway to really air it out. The circuit packs nine turns into 2.02 miles and the fastest cars can reach speeds upwards of 170 m.p.h., yet the track is considered as one of the safest with only one wall and plenty of runoff room in most area’s.

The SARRC Invitational Challenge is open to South East Division racer’s that have at least three starts during the year at SARRC points races. Those chasing the SARRC class championship are sure to be there. Racer’s that are participating in the V8 Series will also garner points towards the series class championships in four classes; Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1, LG Motorsports V8 GT-2, V8 SPO and Howe Racing V8 GTA.

Some of the Crane Cams V8 Racer’s expected are Juan Vento in his crazy fast Interstate Battery Corvette, Wayne Cabaniss in his familiar C4 Corvette, Former V8 GTA champ Randy Walker in his Walker Properties Monte Carlo, V8 GTA track record holder Bill Porter in his late model Pontiac Grand Prix, Ron Stanley in his ex Scott Riggs Nascar Cup Dodge, Charlotte winner Tad Segars in his Smith Living Group V8 SPO Monte Carlo, and Bill McGavic in his giant killing Mazda RX7 V8 GT2 entry. Fresh from a fine performance at Homestead a few weeks ago, will be Charles Rodholm in his beautiful V8 GT2 Taboo Racing C6 Corvette and Carolina winner Miles Barefoot in his 993 Porsche. Roebling regular Mark Davis will be on hand in his V8 GT-1 Camaro as well as Ray Webb in the Kenco Signs V8 GT-1 Corvette. Lee Arnold will compete in his always competitive late model Impala in the V8 SPO class.

Former Nascar Craftsman Truck Series and Trans Am competitor Ricky Sanders will make a bid to close the points gap on Cameron Lawrence in his V8 GTA Monte Carlo and V8 GTA newcomer Mike Attaway, fresh from an SCCA win at Daytona, will be on hand in his V8 GTA Pontiac Grand Prix .

It should be a fine weekend of competitive big noise racing, setting up for the finale at the American Road Race of Champions in November at Road Atlanta, where the Crane Cams V8 Series Champions will be crowned.

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Crane Cams Weekend Schedule

FRIDAY, Oct. 5, 2012
8:30am - 4:30pm Test Day
1:00pm - 8:00pm Event Registration
3:00pm - 8:15pm Tech

SATURDAY Oct. 6, 2012
7:30am - 1:00pm Event Registration
10:15am 20 min. Qualifying
Drivers Meeting after group 8 Qualifying
pm 9 lap V8 Qualifying V8 Race 1
5:00pm SCCA Event Social After ECR Race
7:00pm V8 Dinner @ The Shell House

Sunday Oct. 7, 2012
8:15am Warm up 15 min
11:00am - 12:00pm Lunch Break
12:10pm V8 20 lap V8 Race 2

Notes: V8 cars are SCCA run group 5
All times are approximate

SIC 7 race groups 168 entries
ECR 1.5 hr Enduro 29 entries

Group 5 23 entries

Name Class Year Make Sponsor Hometown

0 Arnold, Lee SPO 2010 Chevrolet Impala Naples, FL
01 Hazelwood, Nick STO 2008 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 CrossRoads Motorsports Alpharetta, GA
3 Dunn, Jack A Sports Racing 1991 Shelby CanAm Natchez, MS
03 Walker, Randy GTA 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Walker Properties Lexington, KY
4 Kinsland, Randy STO 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Whittier, NC
6 Webb, Raymond GT-1 1999 Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Beach, FL
06 Wright, Mary SPO 2008 Ford Fusion competition 101 Driver Development Saint Petersburg, FL
07 Mucha, Jacek A Sports Racing Swift jms016cp Mazda Phoenix-Innotech Laval, QC
10 Stanley, Ron SPO 2005 Dodge Charger/NASCAR Pelican Water New Smyrna, FL
11 Segars, Tad SPO Pontiac Grand Prix Kimrey Racing and Smith Living Hilton Head Island, SC
13 Gilbert, Henry A Sports Racing 2004 Riley DP Sports Car Driving Experience, Hooked on Driving, Pirelli Miramar, FL
17 Eubanks, Robert American Sedan 1999 Ford Mustang Rusty Acres Automotive Jacksonville, FL
19 Sanders, Ricky GTA 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Stockbridge, GA
31 Brooks, Dainton American Sedan 1995 Ford Mustang-Cobra Riverdale, GA
32 Porter, Bill GTA 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Southeastern Marine Chapin, SC
38 Vento, Juan GT-1 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Interstate Batteries San Juan, PR
42 Barefoot, Miles GT-2 1993 Porsche 911 Albion Associates, Inc. Greensboro, NC
43 Smith, Richard GT-2 1993 Mazda RX-7 I need one Loxahatchee, FL
50 Rodholm, Charles STO 2007 Chevrolet Corvette TABOO RACING,, Cobalt Friction Technologies, Hoosier Parkland, FL
63 Attaway, Michael GTA 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Homer, GA
69 McGavic, Bill GT-3 1995 Mazda RX7 Hoosier No MO Money Race Engineering Arcadia, FL
73 Greer, Dave GT-1 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Marsha Greer Shelby, NC
86 Davis, Mark GT-1 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Lexington, SC

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series returned to returned to an old favorite, namely Roebling Road Raceway near Bloomingdale, Georgia for the SARRC Invitational Challenge and round 7 of the series 2012 season. With a number of V8 racer’s also leading and challenging for the SARRC Championship it was sure to be an action packed weekend.

Saturday morning’s qualifying round found the racer’s dealing with a very slick track and it was quite apparent that this weekend would likely not be one where new track records would be established. Juan Vento put his Interstate Battery Corvette on the pole, followed by Ron Stanley in his ex Scott Riggs Nascar Cup Dodge which would be running in Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 with its’ new 16" wheels and GT rubber. Young Nick Hazelwood of Alpharetta, Georgia was next in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepared LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class C6 Corvette. Hazelwood, little more than a year removed from getting his racing license is showing serious speed,talent and racecraft. Hazelwood and his Corvette certainly will be a threat at any track they appear at.

Lee Arnold grabbed the top spot in V8 SPO in his familiar black number 0 Chevy Impala late model. Arnold’s machine was once the steed of both Boris Said and Ken Schrader. Track record holder Bill Porter grabbed the pole in Howe Racing V8 GTA followed by Randy Walker, Mike Attaway and Ricky Sanders.

Saturday afternoon the green dropped on the sprint/qualifying race that also serves as a CCV8SC points race. Juan Vento led from the pole in his Corvette, followed by Nick Hazelwood in his V8 GT-2 Corvette and Lee Arnold in his V8 SPO stocker. Kentucky’s Randy Walker led the V8 GTA contingent followed by Ricky Sanders, Mike Attaway and Bill Porter. Tad Segars (V8 SPO Monte Carlo) slipped into the fifth overall spot just behind Walker’s Camaro.

At the checker Vento grabbed the V8 GT-1 win with Hazelwood holding off Arnold for the second overall and V8 GT-2 top spot. Arnold nabbed the V8 SPO honors with Walker winning in V8 GTA. Tad Segars had a good outing for second in V8 SPO and fifth overall. Ricky Sanders and Attaway finished second and third in V8 GTA respectively.

The Sunday afternoon SARRC Invitational Challenge Race lit off at 1:00 pm with Vento on the pole with Ron Stanley and his GT-1 Dodge Charger alongside. The second row was made up of Hazelwood and Walker. Both Vento and Stanley have full tilt Nascar Cup type motors in their hotrods with upwards of 800 Horsepower on tap. It was a great drag race down to turn one by the pair but Vento’s superior braking gave him the edge by the slightest of margins. The duo raced within a car length or so of each other for the first few laps before Vento’s braking and handling advantage allowed him to start pulling away at about one second per lap. Hazelwood was running strong in third overall and held a comfortable lead on closest V8 GT-2 challenger Randy Kinsland in a C5 Corvette. Lee Arnold chased Randy Walker for the first few laps choosing to play it safe until the right opportunity appeared. Arnold then used the superior power advantage in his Chevy to move around the quick V8 GTA class Camaro. Ray Webb was moving up from his back of the pack starting spot in his V8 GT-1 Corvette and Kinsland was also doing a fine job despite his Corvette running on just seven cylinders. Mike Attaway, a recent convert to the V8 GTA wars was getting stronger lap by lap in his Pontiac Grand Prix.
Mark Davis was having a solid outing in his venerable Camaro V8 GT-1.

At about the halfway point Vento failed to come around, falling victim to a flat front tire. Stanley inherited the lead with Hazelwood and Arnold not far in arrears. Vento returned to the action but was now some four laps down.

When the checker waved Stanley crossed the line first by some several seconds over second overall and V8 GT-2 winner Hazelwood.
Arnold was next up and took the V8 SPO honors. Randy Kinsland managed to get by Walker for fourth overall and runner up in
V8 GT-2. Lexington, Kentucky’s Walker was next, taking the V8 GTA honors. Webb, Attaway and Mark Davis rounded out the top ten.

Congrats are in order for ourV8 Racer’s on their SCCA South Atlantic Road Race Championships for 2012 and they are:

GT-1: Mark Davis, Lexington SC Davis Racing Camaro
GT-2: Miles Barefoot Greensboro, NC Porsche 911
SPO: Mickey Wright St. Petersburg, FL Competition 101 Ford Fusion
GTA: Ricky Sanders Stockbridge GA Monte Carlo
STO: Charles Rodholm Parkland, Fl Taboo Racing C6 Corvette

The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank the Buccaneer Region SCCA and the South East Division SCCA for the outstanding job hosting the event, they continue give their all to make the SIC a rewarding event.

Next up is the Crane Cams V8Stockcar Championships @ Road Atlanta (ARRC) Nov. 2-3, 2012

The Series also thanks its’ partners for their continued support and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing,, GoPro,, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering,, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer