Congratulations Brooke Storer Mod Mini Feature Winner

We would like to congratulate Brooke Storer on her first Modified Mini Feature win at Desoto Super Speedway this past Saturday night in only her first start. We are so proud of everything she has accomplished at only 14 years old we never know what to expect out of this child of ours. We couldn’t have given her such an awesome car to compete with if it wasn’t for Eagles Nest Racing for the Chassis, Fast Forward Racing Engines for the Power and all the extra knowledge on Dodges from Raulie Morse, Scott Rudder and of course long hours out in the shop Robbie thanks for making our little girls dreams come true and giving her a chance and teaching her everything she knows she is so proud to be racing your car.

One proud Mom!

Congratulation Brooke

I am so happy for you Kim and your family. I can just imagine how you felt at the track that night. Brooke and Chase are two great children, thanks to you and Robbie. You sure have a wonderful bunch of families…LoL
Joanne and Paul:huepfen024:


Nice job brook.