I still can't believe it's true

:ernaehrung004:I don’t post here much but I just gotta say something that is on my mind. I have been a race fan all my life. I have been with my family when I was a kid to Eldora, Winchester, ,Kokomo, IRP, IMS, New Bramem, Indiana State Fair Grounds, Milwaukee Mile and many other short tracks in Indiana,Ohio. I have taken my family to almost every track in Florida. Been to Daytona, Talladega, Martinsville. We also went to Oglethorpe in Savannah and a few other short tracks in various states. But nothing except for maybe having a family reunion at Eldora,Winchester or Salem could be as much fun and make me smile so much as sitting at showtime. I lived next to the track as a kid when we moved to Florida we would go all the time as kids. When it closed I would drive by and look at it YEAH SICK I KNOW. Seeing all those Mods last night they were all nice well prepared great looking race cars it was a great time. A track reopening is a miracle especially a place that special. Nothing is perfect yes I think the leader let every lap but dang I was just happy to be there.