350 small block

I have a 350 2 bolt main for sale w/ stand. Engine has been bored 30 over and has new cam bearings installed. Blocked has been zero decked. Engine was done by Jerry Miguel Jr. The block is ready to build. Block is located in Tampa, FL

If you have any question send me an email at jonesracing4j@gmail.com.


Hey Joey I’ll give ya $50 bucks for it,don’t need it but hate to see it go to waste.

I’ll will have to pass on that offer.

Hopefully you can get more for it,don’t let it rust away in a corner,offer still stands.

Its not gonna rust away. Its sitting in my house covered up so no moisture can get to it.

like to buy it 941-416-5433 9414161884

interrested in block cal 19046135158

are you still interested in the block. If so I will give you a call on friday

Could I get a phone number.

no you cant lol

Then I don’t need it lol.


$100 and do you have a crank for it?

I’ve added my email address on here for a reason. I don’t check this site maybe once a week. All emails come directly to my phone and I do respond back right away. Please send me an email if you are interested…

BLOCK is still for sale.
I do have 2 cranks and alot of other engine parts. I will try and get a list together this weekend of everything that I have and possible prices.

EMAIL address: jonesracing4j@gmail.com

Sold!! Sold!! Sold!!