TBARA Winged Sprints at PGS 10-27

October 27 ? Tbara Winged Sprints,

pit gates open at 1:30
and front gates open at 5:00

open practice tonight at 4:00pm

I picked up some reinforcement candy supplies this morning. There could be a massive amount of kids.

The ground pounding fire breathing TBARA Sprints will be in the house This week! Check us out.


Is there any listed racing program for times of each class racing for the evening? I have seen them listed in the past. I assume the sprints will be running late or last with the on track session of candy handouts I’m guessing at least an hour plus for this? So Sprints will be well past 9 o’clock? Any help would be appreciated!

features start at 7:00 and Kevin usually runs the main event around 9:00
normally we do not have an intermission but will have the kids trick or treat right before the Sprints race. 4 more features after the sprints. hope that helps

Goooooo Boneman Gooooooo !!! :slight_smile:

And Danica too !!!

Looking forword to being there,even though it’s a fair drive from Miami,we’ll be on the way.:ernaehrung004::sport009:

Thanks Linda big help!