Fuelie heads race ready up to 600 lift mech

2.02/1.6 Manley valves, surfaced to 62cc, cut for 3/8 pushrods, crane springs 1.550", vto seals, 10* moly retainers, triple seats with bowl hog at.630 down which is still legal for rules. Intake and exhaust runners are virgin no grinding or shaping. Have guide plates and 7/16 studs. Have gm 1.5 roller rockers poly locks and stud guirdle. $700. Gets the whole lot add $100. And have a victor jr intake also. $800. Everything no trades and this price is firm. Not going to take anything less. Will just use it another time if I don’t get asking price. Will not breakup parts either so if interested in the package. 386-837-8048 I’ll throw in a set of anodized valve covers also brand new your choice of red, black, or blue with breather tubes.