bit of trivia--

larry mccoy, mike hess, john martin, bob harkey–(somewhat off-names)–

started in----what race, and the year? what were thier sponsorships?
old school stuff here.

I believe Mikes last name was spelled Hiss. They were all Indy 500 drivers but started in different years. This is a tough one.

1975 Indy 500

Bob Harkey - Dayton-Walther - McLaren/Offy (Owner George Walther) - Finished 10th with relief from Salt Walther…

John Martin - Sponsor & Owner: Automotive Technology - McLaren/Offy - Finished 27th…

Mike Hiss - Ayr-Way/WARP - Finley/Offy (Owner Tassi Vatis) - Finished 29th…

Larry McCoy - Shurfine Foods - Atlanta/Offy (Owner James Bidwell) - Finished 30th…

gaddamit, ancrdave, was going to sit on the sidelines, for this one .i thought.
well, he nailed it. you are correct,sir.
ill’ do another tomorrow nite,

Dang it, I thought you were looking for their first start. I was so close but got beat at the line by none other than the last remaining k-car driver. :slight_smile: