AMF Congratulates!!!

AMF Chassis would like to Congratulate the following customers on a successful weekend of racing!!!

#10 Travis Roland - 1st Place & 2012 Champion - Modifieds @ Auburndale

#56 James Wright III - 3rd Place & Fast Time - Modifieds @ Auburndale

#22 Brandon Duchscherer - 4th Place - Modifieds @ Auburndale

#29 Bobby Mobley - 1st Place - Street Stocks @ Auburndale

#4 Dennis Coletti - 3rd Place - Trucks @ Showtime

#55 Shane Held - 1st Place - Modifieds @ Orlando

Great Job Guys!!! :ernaehrung004:

shane held.jpg


Just curious here… in the AMF name, does the ‘A’ stand for “Adios”?

If so, I’ve got the rest…!

yes sir it does

Thought Shain’s car was a Joe Harris chassis?

It was originally built by him but he brought it to us and we re-did everything on the car and made it right and set it all up… so now its an AMF Chassis car…

Forgot two of our good customers…

#42 Jonathon Guy - 3rd Fast Qualifier - FUPS @ Citrus

#19 Kevin Macy - 2nd Fast Qualifier & 5th Place - FUPS @ Citrus

Thanks Again To All Our Customers!!!

So Joe did not build the car right??

WOW! That is an interesting statement about Joe Harris Race Cars. Just saying.

The Car Was Built By Joe , The Car Had Been Clipped By Somebody, The Car Was Way Out Of Square, Bump Was Way Off, We Fixed All The Problems And Shain Won, Not Sure Whats So Interesting About That , I Do Know Customer Is Very Happy, Just Saying

I don’t think he was putting down Joe Harris and I think the car was built long ago but not sure about when it was built. I’ve had work done by Joe and have no complaints. I haven’t had anything done by AMF but from what I’ve seen they do a good job also.