Top Gun Sprints Race Report 11-10-12

Top Gun Sprints
Bubba Raceway Park, November 10, 2012

KSE Heat #1

  1. 82 Danny Martin (Sarasota, FL)
  2. 14 Ryan Partin (Orlando, FL)
  3. 83 Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)
  4. 3 Dennis Misuraca (Sanford, FL)
  5. 34 Darren Orth (Jacksonville, FL)
  6. 8 Rich Alexander (Tampa, FL)
  7. 38 Tony Agin (Ft. Myers, FL) DNS

Bilstein Shock Heat #2

  1. 6S Robbie Smith (Tampa, FL)
  2. 92 Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL)
  3. 22 Shawn Murray (Jacksonville, FL)
  4. 3A A J Maddox (Brandon, FL)
  5. G6 Brandon Grubaugh (Ocala, FL)
  6. 21 Shawn Cornell (Dunnellon, FL)

Brown Miller Feature

  1. 82 Danny Martin; 2) 83 Mark Ruel Jr.; 3) 6S Robbie Smith; 4) 92 Matt Kurtz; 5) 3A A J Maddox; 6) 14 Ryan Partin; 7) 22 Shawn Murray; 8) 34 Darren Orth; 9) 3 Dennis Misuraca; 10) 21 Shawn Cornell; 11) G6 Brandon Grubaugh; DNS 12) 8 Rich Alaexander; DNS 13) 38 Tony Agin; DNS


The Top Gun Sprints made their twelfth visit of 2012 to Bubba Raceway Park on Saturday November 10, 2012 there were 13 cars at the track to give fans two heat races and a 25 lap feature race.

Mark Ruel Jr. in the 83 car had the pole with Danny Martin in the 82 on the outside for the start of the KSE heat race. Danny took the lead on the start, and the win. The 22 of Shawn Murray had the pole for the BILSTEIN SHOCK heat race, with Robbie Smith in the 6S car on the outside. On the start Robbie took the lead and he never looked back and took the win.

The 83 of Mark Ruel Jr. had the pole for the start of the BROWN MILLER feature race event, with the 3 of Dennis Misuraca alongside. On the start it was Mark getting the best start; it didn?t last long as on lap 9 he was passed by Danny Martin. Then on lap 10 Shawn Cornell brought out the caution. When the green flag dropped it was Danny out front and, he lead the last 15 laps and the win, followed by Mark Ruel Jr. in the 83 car, Robbie Smith the 6S car, Matt Kurtz in the 92 car and A J Maddox in the 3A car rounding out the top 5.

The staff and racers of the Top Gun Sprints would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at East Bay Raceway Park for the November 17, 2012 race. Congratulations go out to Danny Martin for winning the KSE Hardcharger Award. Congratulations also to Danny Martin for winning the BARFIELD SWEEP of $800.