NSS Practice

Did anyone go Thursday night? How was it?

I was also wondering if any cars were there that were not on the PRE-entry list.

Saw two Trucks headed out there… one was a #2 that wasn’t on the list, and the other I only saw from the back and didn’t get a number.

Id say 20 plus supers, 20 plus mods and about 15 pros i did see a few more cars in each class that wasnt on the list. Should be a good weekend for sure

Thanks guys!! Was hoping to make it tonight and I still might but not sure at this point.
Will be there tomorrow for sure but just in time for the race.

I’m headed there soon. Will post updates tonight on who I see there.

Party weekend about to begin…!!!

Last Count that I got was…

34 Super Late Models
32 Modifieds
20 Pro Late Models