Gov Cup and Mod race

Grill absolutely worked 'em over…only vandorn was close but Augie cut one of his tires for him on a restart putting him a lap down. He drove his way back into it. Had some contact with Timmmay Russell on they way which prompted Timmmay to show his ass yet again after the race. Hate to see vandorns night marred by that crap. Hope he returns.

Little John Sappraicone had them covered in the mod race until he and Anderson got tangled up on a restart, destroying both cars. I think both drivers were equally at fault, I am usually pointing the finger at Wayne, but he was just pushing hard and it looked like John s crowded him, both not giving an inch. Then the fun started when big John decided to try to take a swing at wayne, he is lucky the officials dragged him out of there as it was about to get really ugly. Wayne didn’t really cause the wreck or the fight. Pin the fight on big John… Go figure.

Saw the sheriffs at the gate on the way out…anything happen that I didn’t see?

I got my yearly dosage of OSF and saw some good racing, I will call it money well spent.

I agree Bubba,Wayne figured out the restart FINALLY,They bumped wheels and off they went.Was sitting right there.GREAT MOD RACE.I wish they would invert not to leave the fastest on the pole,UNLESS they pick(0) for invert.I forgot the young lady Driver name,She did a great job as well.


I disagree! Wayne did get a good jump, but he did push Johns car up the wall, he gave Anderson plenty of room, Anderson was pinching John up to keep him from getting a good run into turn 1. Tired of Anderson wrecking everyone, John had the fastest car, Anderson couldn’t keep up with him so he decided to run him up wall on restart. Way to destroy two good cars Anderson! Glad nobody hurt over stupid move!

I assume you are talking about the young lady who raced in the Governor’s Cup. That was the #39 of Kenzie Ruston and I agree, she did a great job. Augie made it look like a cake walk last night and all except for the very first few laps, he had the point on all the rest. Hard to believe he had never raced at New Smyrna before but he looked like he had run that track all his life.

I agree, it was a great car count and a good race for both the Super Lates and Mods.:ernaehrung004:

John jr had that race won he drove it clean, seemed to me from where we were that wayne got into him didnt look like just a racing deal johnjr had the line but ended up taking down the fence and in turn wayne wrecked himself could of been alot worse very sad for the ending of a great show, as i was on the track when wayne punched john sr after sr said wtf was that for wayne punched him at that time his daughter jackie and my husband got john sr up off ground and moved john sr out of situation alot of words were going back and fourth by then my main priority was checking on john jr who handled the whole situation very professionally great job lil j that was a class act. Very proud of you!!
Kim & Dave

No disagreement that John Jr handled it well, I was impressed not only with his driving but also how he handled the whole thing - he had it won and ended up destroyefd.

His dad ran over to Wayne - on the track, where he had no business in the first place, and grabbed him from behind - yelling and screaming - he started that no two ways about it. Only after the crowd started jostling wayne and john sr grabbed him did wayne start swinging.

It was right in front of me and i was watching to see waynes reaction knowing his personality. He had it in check until john sr started grabbing him.

I might change my mind on how the wreck started if i saw a replay - but there isnt much hope of changing my mind on the fight - if you could call it that.

when you mess with a BULL you sometimes get the horn