Topics that deserve more attention

I’m surprised that there has been so little discussion regarding:

Wayne Anderson and John Sarpriacone Jr. at New Smyrna. I see on the results that no one even got disqualified.

The Hialeah reunion. I am going to suggest that it was the greatest gathering of S. Florida racers since the final night of the track in 2005. Typical Hialeah, the police got called late in the night. All that was missing was the neighbors complaining about the noise.

The Snowball Derby. The biggest short track event in the state is on.

The final PRI show opens in a matter of hours.

The bad news of De Soto’s cancellations.

Was Crash A Rama as good as always? I have not heard a damn thing.

Rick Bristol’s race, rumored activity at Putnam, expansion plans at Bubba’s, Ellisville’s resurection, sprints at Showtime, Bronson’s struggle to make it.

The season is no where near over y’all.

Snowball Derby

I was just reading some tweets from speed 51 about the kick off party they had. They were interviewing a lot of the top drivers. Last time I checked there was 71 supers gonna be a good one. My next race is Auburndale.

Putnams website & Facebook page have been posting pics of updates to the track over the last few months.Planned openings keep getting pushed back because of waiting on permits…If I like what I see when they open I will run a car there.I have the truck,trailer,sponsor and most importantly the OK from the wife…Have not raced since 1994 & looking foward to it :slight_smile:

I keep hearing rumors of a new owner at Volusia and a possible weekly show…can anyone confirm or deny???

Hi Rex

speaking of topics ,When are you racing ?

Gary, it will be the January race at Showtime. Currently, I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas activities.

I’m building a parade float that is nearly done. I’m waiting on a new set of injector nozzles, and then all I have to do is scale it. Oh yeah, we are going to WIN the Titusville Christmas parade.

injector nozzles, and you have to scale it------that must be some float, i’ll bet you will win.


u will post pics right? can hardly wait to see it. was it a family project?

Ok, you caught me. Because it is for my kids school, the float is a little more traditional than I let on, although no less awesome.

A few parades ago, Todd McCreary drove my truck and pulled the float for me. That is also the year that we got sent to the rear of the parade twice for rough driving! (If I remember correctly…)

I keep hearing rumors of a new owner at Volusia and a possible weekly show

I heard Joe Linebarrier is taking it over, but it will be for a weekly dog show.

Crash A Rama Series

Boneman it was Good just ran to late will fix that next year. Thanks for asking.