Opportunity to race at Daytona

Its not a joke! Our ChumpCar team has three open seats for the May 28th event at Daytona International Speedway. The race is ran on the Rolex version of the track, so you are running all four turns, the front and back stretches and the entire infield. The event is 14 hours…9am to 11pm and regardless of weather ( with the exception of lightning) we race. This year we raced in the outter bands of Tropical Storm Debbie! This is an enduro style event, with four drivers per car and if everything goes as planned ( 5 mins or less live pit stops and the car isnt put into the wall) everyone should get to drive twice for an a total of about 3.5 hours. Each team is required to stop at least once every two hours for driver changes, we stop at 1:40 mins, which allows every driver to have two long runs. We raced this event last year and three of our out of town team members can’t make this years event, and we are offering this opportunity to some of the local drivers before we fill the seats through ChumpCar’s driver pool. The race is on the weekend of May 26th, with tech inspection and registration all day Friday (last year 900 drivers raced at this event), the race begins at 9 am the following morning and ends at 11 pm Saturday night. If you plan on camping at the track you have to be out by noon on Sunday. This year we were parked in the owners lot with our RV’s. The cost per driver is $950, that includes your license for the race, entry fees and share of the teams expenses. We will hold a seat for $300, and the balance is due 30 days prior to the race. Our team races Honda powered cars, a 1996 Civic EX and a 1994 Acura Integra. Both cars have adjustable coil overs, headers, custom exhaust, sloted rotors and racing brakes, cold air intakes, Dyno tuned ECU’s, WRC built cages, Hella 500 lights, on board radios and driver cooling systems…no junk! If you have any questions PM me or email me at nathanflorian26@yahoo.com.

Is There An Age Limit

Is there a weight limit?

18, regardless of experience.

We use the Kirkey Big Boy seats in both cars. They are both on a slide system with a locking rear support. The smaller guys buy foam in a can and make an insert for the seat. Several of the guys on my team are 250-275#. There isnt a “weight limit or rule” for the series, you race against full sized Camaros, LTD’s, pickup trucks, station wagons…all kinds of stuff. My Civic weighs 2100 #'s with a 250# driver in it. The Integra is about 250 lbs. heavier due to the roof and windshield, but has more power. On the stop watch, both cars are very close. The Civic handles a little better due to it being lighter with a lower center of gravity and the Integra makes up for its weight with more horsepower.