Parts for Sale

i have about 5 sets of wide 5 spindles one set is black rocket and the rest is sweet would like 75.00 for the rockets and 50.00 pair for the rest or trade for 10 5/8 tall wide 5 spindles…

2 sweet in line servos 50.00 each or 75.00 for both

sbc victor jr intake 100.00

The Intake Is It A # 2975 And Never Been Ported Or Polished?

Yes i believe so and no its never been touched

parts still for sale, also have a set(4) howe 2 piston capilers mertic bolt pattern needs seals…100.00 for all 4

what shape are the rocket spindles in. Could you post a pic. or email me

There in good shape, i got them for spares but there to short for my car.