Another great show at Showtime

I like the way Mr. Yoho will do anything to put on a show at his track. He made a decision that really worked out, put together some good classes, and even ground his own noggin along the pavement to entertain the fans. More on that coming up…

Showtime had the TBARA type winged sprints in the pits. The quality of the field was quite good, although the total of 13 cars was nothing special. Twelve of them were up to speed and racing hard. I think there were two cautions in the 40 lapper and there certainly wasn’t much destruction either; just good competition and plenty of traffic.

Robert offered some extra money to a few of the fastest qualifiers if they would start in the rear. David Steele and Troy DeCaire took him up on the offer, and excellent racing was the result! They were relentless on their charge to the front, but no one made it easy for them. Dave Steele made it a three car battle for the lead just in time for first and second to tangle and spin. Dave kept his win streak alive, and the fans held their breath for the last few laps as Ray Bragg made it to second and Troy DeCaire ended up third.

That is two excellent sprint features in the last two visits!

So what was the deal with Robert’s bike accident? I couldn’t hear in the pits, but it sounded like he was jumping a motorcycle on the track and had “a little incident.” Does anyone know the details? He ran around full speed all night as usual; I just hope he is not too sore today.

I got a kick out of Tony “owm61” Careno and his beautiful modified. He started last out of 15 cars, but he was hooked up and kept himself busy passing and sometimes re-passing the others. Where did you end up Tony? 4’th?

I really think the package for local and hobby level racers at Showtime is pretty cool. They can race two classes a night: oval and figure 8. I’l love to have a track where I could run twice in one night! Especially a local one that is really racey and tight, and where its less destructive because you are not going 100+ mph.

Wishing the Showtime crew a prosperous 2013!


Where can you find the results of the races.

It was a good night of racing and the OWM and Sprints put on a heck of a show.

Heres the results.


thanks rex it was good seeing you again. looking forward to seeing you there on the 15th with your sprint car. Your right about the sprint shows at showtime the last 3 have been steller! Tho lacking a lil bit of car count, the quality has been outstanding. Steele, decaire, aguilar, gilbertson, kempkins, butler dont get much better… hey what do u think about the new scoreboard… pretty cool i thought, hell no more guessing what lap or whos winning.

thanks for the compliments on the new look on the old hotrod.