New SE Super Late series for 2013

Southern Super Series

Gresham Motorsports Park is proud to announce the most exciting thing to happen to stock car racing in the South in the last twenty years, The Southern Super Series! Gresham Motorsports Park has been working diligently to bring drivers and fans in the Southeast a competitive 2013 race season. The new series will enable teams to race within the region at premier race facilities for good race purses and be able to save money by not having to travel long distances for the opportunity to race.

An alliance has been created between Gresham Motorsports Park, Five Flags Speedway, Mobile International Speedway, Montgomery Motor Speedway and Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway to form a Southern Series for Super Late Models. The Southern Super Series will consist of 15 total races at these five tracks. The majority of the races will be regular event races, but some of the most prestigious races held by these tracks will be a part of the Southern Super Series including, The World Crown (Gresham Motorsports Park), The All-American 400 (Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway) and the Alabama 200 (Montgomery Motor Speedway).

The news of fresh competition is excitement enough, but the winner of the Southern Super Series Championship will receive a check of $10,000 for first place! Details of the other finishing positions and all other details of the Southern Super Series will be released soon.

?The Southern Super Series will bring much excitement to fans and competitors during the 2013 season,? said Dan Elliott, General Manager of Gresham Motorsports Park. ?I want to thank all of the people involved with the race tracks that will be a part of this series for all of their hard work and dedication. This is the first real effort that tracks have made in years to come together for something as important as this. The Super Late Models have long been the premier racing division in the South.?

Gresham Motorsports Park will have all other local divisions racing in addition to the Southern Super Series race events, with the exception to the World Crown (GMP will only be running Super Late Models, Trucks and Outlaw Late Models). GMP has scheduled five races for 2013, two Pro Late Model events and three Super Late Model events. The tentative 2013 race schedule has been posted on the GMP website.

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Is this “new” series a continuation of, or a “resurrection” of, the old Southern All-Stars Late Models?

I think it moes like the old days All Pro. sounds great and i hope for the best .

Don Nerone

I hope they’ve got a good promoter like Bob Harman!

Why no races at nss seeing they changed rules and alinged with Mobil and 5 flags

That answer is easy to fig out…
NSS doesent play well with others.
There are plenty of cars in those aeras and if u read the post they are trying to make it easy on the racer. With funding in todays world There are not many northern trams or southern teams that want to make the trip.
Look at the cars that travel from there to here or the other way why make them go if they dont want to?
NSS will have plenty of races for them if they want to make the trip. U want to bet that the dates will be the same weekends?