Showtime 100 lapper

Anyone know what his plans are? 100 laps all green? Fuel break? Adjustments?
Id like to see him run all green with no breaks but thats just my opinion…Anybody?

What 100 lapper? SLM, Mod,?

100 lap mod race, you can go to there website SHOWTIME SPEEDWAY click up coming events. 3500 to win . doug i’m waiting on yoho to call with the answers to youre questions champ, I’l get the info and let you no ASAP

Thank you

T.C. Merry x mas to you and your family…Give Mrs.C a big hug for me…

Showtime 100 Lapper - 01/05/2012

january 5, 2013 Gates 5pm Races Start At 7pm Sharp. Practice And Camp Over On 1-4-2013 6pm Till 10pm
$15.00 General Admission Kids 11 And Under Free
Florida State Open Wheel Modified Championship 100 Laps $3500 To Win 1)3500 2)1750 3)1250 4)1000 5)900 6)750 7)600 8)550 9)500 10)400 11)350 12)250 13)225 14)200
$200.00 To The Long Distance Finisher
$100.00 Halfway Leader
Laps 25 And 75 $100.00 To Leader
$100.00 Hard Charger
$100.00 Hard Luck Award
Frist 50 Laps Cautions Will Count Up To 4 Laps. Laps 51 Thur 100 Green Flag Only Count.
$50.00 Entry Fee-must Buy Tires At Track And Fuel. Tires Will Be Impounded Till Qualifying. Must Start Race On The Tires You Qualified On.

Thanks for the info devin, yoyo called last night but my sorry butt was already in bed. merry x mas to you to doug hope to see you on the 5th

Thanks Devin

Should be interesting…unsure how the impound thing works or the advantage of it. I like the fact that we are staying on the track…

15 Gal.

I guess I can understand the tire impound, and somewhat of the fuel purchase…but why 15 Gal? That’s $50 extra that could go for something actually needed and seems to be just a jab at racers to get money…

What else is racing on the 5th?

Man sounds like Robert got it going. You Mod racers put on a HELL-of-a- SHOW. Just wondering what else is on the marquee??? Have family in town and looking for a great place to take them. Also how much is the back gate?:huepfen024::huepfen024::sport009:

Must be planning on using the gas money to pay the purse


Hey on the 5th is there any other classes racing that night???


I’d be interested in hearing opinions from drivers and fans about this race. I thought it was an decent evening, but I must admit that I’m not exactly a fan of pavement racing so I may be a bit biased. I thought the on-track racing was fairly good when they could get a few laps in. But the cautions and the total inability of the drivers to get lined up really killed it for me. By my count 28 of the first 50 laps were run under yellow, and that’s only because they only counted the first 4 laps of yellow each time. Had they counted all of them it would have been closer to the entire 50 under yellow. I don’t know whether the lineup issue was with the tower, the drivers, the spotters, or what…but holy cow. I’ve never seen a short track race where they repeatedly had to stop the entire field and send them off one car at a time to get in line, and even that didn’t always get every car in the right spot because some of the drivers weren’t stopping when the flaggers were telling them to. I have 2 simply suggestions for that issue: First, remove the radios and put a raceceiver on each driver instead. You get the lineup and yellow calls in your ear and that’s it. And you get on lap to comply with the lineup or you tag the tail. Second, cut about a foot off each end of the rear bumpers and get rid of the quarter panel bars. Most of the yellows were for a car getting touched in the corner and looping it. A dent in the sheetmetal isn’t going to knock the car around so easily.
And there is some good stuff too. I was sitting alone down toward turn 1 and listening to the people around me they were having a good time, except for the extended cautions and the driver intros. Everyone though he sounded like a fool the way he was bashing so many of the drivers, even if it was in fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy the track experience as a whole. The legends, minis, and street stocks put on a really good support show.
Last thing, track safety. I asked this before, and it’s still a question…can this track handle a serious fire? Sure didn’t look it to me. When the legend blew up and made a fireball the “first responder” was a young guy in a T shirt with a dry chemical extinguisher. There were zero safety guys dressed in any sort of protective clothing to be able to assist a driver out of their car. There is no fire truck, just a flatbed with a couple extinguishers. When the mod piled the turn 1 wall they had to call for the ambulance over the PA at least 3 times before they even got into the thing to come over and see him. Oh and that ambulance…it didn’t arrive at the track until halfway through the street stock feature. It says in their own rules that no cars will run without an ambulance present. I guess they knew beforehand that there would be no crashes before that? I don’t know if any of the guys in the infield are EMT’s or anything, so maybe…but it’s something to look at.

I’m still trying to find the race report, or at the very least a full run down of qualifying and finishing positions. Or am i not looking in the right youface or tubebook post?

My version of the race should be on my site by tonight…

The Race

First of all the spotters were supposed to be all in a spotter designated area. We use raceceivers at Citrus and they dont usually work when people start trying to steal spots under caution. Once the first few cautions went the way they did I think the drivers started getting frustrated with a few guys that would jump ahead of others and then the track workers gave them the spot. I know it pissed me off when people were given the spots they stole. Once they started jockying for position there was no getting to your spot without muscling your way in and i for one am not about to tear up my car under caution. We all had transponders strapped to our cars and not sure if they could have been used to line up but it wasnt pretty. They were also giving the spots back to people involved or who caused the cautions wich is also B.S. The lineups after caution were a direct reflection of the way they were managing the race and the drivers were frustrated and not cooperating. Some cars were not going to the outside and at times some could not even get to there starting spot. As for removing bars in the car well maybe with a street stock…but not an open wheel car. The bottom line is that the race turned ugly quickly. As for the continued ranting on the microphone…well

lUKE 81 and OWM53 You both pretty much hit the nail on the head, i would pass a couple of cars and the yellow would come out and here come the cars that you passed right back by ya, and they would pretty much go where they wanted to. Highlite of the night I made a hundred 100 laps, so take that gerital you said i needed during driver intro yoho and stick it up youre ,you no what


I agree, I think there was potential for really good racing; and there actually was good racing there towards the end, it just took a while to get all of the idiots sorted out of the race…It seemed that there were somewhat of favorites being played, but that’s just my personal opinion.

It was like under caution you would have to still be aggressive and protect your spot, because someone would just come up and drive across your nose…It also doesn’t help when they stop us multiple times on the track and the officials just stand there with their hands in the air, clueless…

Hopefully these problems can get straightened out, maybe some big plans for another OWM race coming up later on this year…

Can someone 'splain to me how the whole spin rule works on pavement? On dirt if we get tapped and spun you go to the back, no question. I’d say around half of the spins between the mods and street stocks the car that looped it got his spot back, and the car behind him was sent to the rear. Honestly there was no possible way to lay blame on many of those spins. They were just really tight racing deals. Everyone was going for the bottom and nobody from the stands or tower could possibly tell if the car behind hit the car ahead or the car ahead checked up and moved down. But at every yellow someone (spinner or spinee) was sent to the rear, except that last one? What happened there?

Well I was in the 21 OWM, and from what I heard was that the leader (#1) looped it all my himself, therefore he should’ve been sent to the back…After the race when I asked Danny Glover, which was the official who was in the spotter tower, he said that the 21 (not knowing that I am the 21) hit him and spun him.

This tells me that he had no clue what he was talking about because I restarted 2nd row outside, and wasn’t anywhere near the spin.

I just think that some things need to be organized a bit better, and not so much of favorites being showed…just my opinion…