FASTRAK Drivers SPOTLIGHT - #6 Chad Wright

FASTRAK Drivers SPOTLIGHT - #6 ?WILD-CHILD? Chad Wright from Springboro, Pennsylvania


Tell us about yourself.

Well, I will turn 19 on December 23 and in 2013 will start my fourth season as a Fastrak driver. I live in a small rural area in Northwest PA and have spent my entire life at the race track. My Dad and Mom are my biggest supporters and have dedicated all of their time to my racing aspirations. I have two Uncles that are retired drivers and grew up watching them race. The race garage has always been my second home.

How did you get into racing? How old were you? First car/class?

I got started in racing because it’s what my family has always done. Racing is something we’ve always done as a family. I got a 4 wheeler for my first birthday, it was just one of those battery operated ones and then my parents got me a real one when I was 4. I guess I taught myself how to switch off the governor and would race all around the yard and tear up everything in my way. I had some close calls on that thing! My parents decided I needed to get into some “organized” racing and got me into go-karts? at age 5. I had a tough time learning the difference between the throttle and the brake in my first season, from what my parents tell me…they wondered if I would ever be a “racer” after that first season. Dad, Mom and their business partners bought a go-kart racing business after my first year and from then on that’s what I did 2 days a weekend, sometimes 3. I raced in go-karts until 2009, until we bought our first Rocket at the end of my 2009 season. I went full out FASTRAK in 2010.

What is your favorite racing memory?

I have so many of them. I’d have to say the entire 2012 season, from my first feature win of the year at Raceway7 to the 5th and final win of the year at Eriez Speedway. The Fastrak World Championship was just frosting on the cake. My goal was to just make the show. It was just surreal racing with all of these guys and was one of the most amazing races that I’ve ever been a part of. I got my first Fastrak Northeast touring series win at Sharon Speedway and it was something that I’d waited for, for a long long time. The feeling of winning that race and pretty much being unchallenged during the race was just plain overwhelming! In 2011 when my Dad was ill with lymphoma, although the illness not being a good memory; the support from all of my racing family is a memory that I am most thankful for. Racers are the best family, anywhere!

Greatest achievement in your racing career?

My first Fastrak Northeast Touring Series feature win at Sharon Speedway in 2012. It was a win that I wanted more than anything. I had so many disappointment?s in trying to win a Touring Race. Many times I worked my butt off and ran the wheels off my car to just get close and then run out of racetrack and luck. I was really getting frustrated not winning one. I just thought to myself, this one’s mine and no one is going to take it away and I’m not going to give it to them without a fight! In fact, I’m not going to give it to them, period! It was a thrill beyond words! I sure as heck hope it’s not the last!

Any superstitions (peanuts not allowed in pits, etc)?

Dad and Mom don’t allow the peanuts! I always use 6 Tear Offs, no matter how dusty or muddy! Oh, and I do have some lucky underwear. I also used to wrap my driving shoes in orange duct tape just something I used to do in go-karts. It’s kind of funny because, when I started doing this, other drivers started doing it too; guess they thought it was a speed secret or something. It was really nothing more than one of my lucky things LOL.

What is the story behind running the number you choose?

I run number 6 for a few reasons. Mark Martin ran the number and he’s been my favorite driver, along with my Dad’s favorite driver. I can’t think of a racer with more longevity, respect, class and integrity than Mark Martin. When I started in go-karts it was my number and hopefully it will always be my number. I was also supposed to be 6 years old when I started racing, but was actually a few months shy of my sixth birthday.

What is the hardest part of racing?

I’d have to say sometimes dealing with criticism from other drivers and race fans. I got a good taste of this when I was very young, more from the parents of other racers than from the drivers. It’s hard to deal with negative opinions sometimes. It just has taught me to work all the harder and proving naysayers wrong. I don’t say much. I just wanted to race and earn respect on and off the track. Everything else is just part of racing.

What got you involved with the FASTRAK Racing Series and what keeps you racing with the Series??

I always wanted to race a Late Model, but with the cost of a Super Late engine, Fastrak provided an opportunity for an affordable alternative. We wanted a sanctioning body that provided fairness, enforced rules and was behind their racers. Fastrak has proved to be that sanctioning body and will continue to do so in many years to come. I would have to say that racing with the Fastrak drivers has given me more opportunity than I could’ve ever thought possible. Who would’ve ever thought that a crate late model series or drivers from Northwest, PA would actually have the opportunity to race in a televised race on a national network? I love racing with these guys!

Tell us what you like most about your home track? What are some of your other favorite tracks & why do you like them so much? What?s the hardest track you?ve ever competed at?

I consider Raceway 7 my home track. I watched my first race there when I was 4 months old. I?m not sure if I watched the race or slept, but I was there every weekend watching my Uncle. The coolest thing is I am racing with guys that raced with my Uncle at Raceway 7. It’s only a 10 minute tow from my house and that’s a plus. RW7 is a challenging track; it can change from lap to lap. I also love Eriez Speedway. I love running the cushion at Eriez, the wall can come up pretty quickly but that’s the challenge. Lernerville is pretty tough, but all I can say is WOW, What a track!

What do you like to do when you are not racing?

I’m pretty typical when I’m not racing. I attend school at Ohio Technical College, play online video games, hunt, fish, and tinker in the garage and spend time with friends. Ha-ha, guess I’m kind of boring!

People you?d like to thank & sponsors.

First off, I have to thank my parents. They do what they do so that I can race. My Dad and Mom, have given me an opportunity that I really appreciate. All of my racing family, fans and supporters…thanks for keeping me positive! My best friends are racers! Thanks to our local tracks who support FASTRAK and all of us drivers. I think I speak for all of us when I say THANKS! Got to thank Fastrak, Rocket Chassis, Steve and Mike Hendren at Hendren Racing Engines, Bonnell’s Collision, ECS Tuning, Everhart Asphalt,Wright’s Garage, Spencer Motorsports and Zimmer’s Service Center. I am proud to be a Team Blair Racing member, thanks Max and Robbie! My volunteer pit crew who give up so much of their time to make sure I can plant four wheels on the track; you all make it happen and you know who you are! Let’s get her done in 2013!!!

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