$400 to start

Rember when it was #400 to start and some tracks were $250 to start?

Must buy track tires 4x$25…$200
10 gal of fule $10.00
Parking slab $25.00
entry fee $150
The other track didnt have any of these things
Well who payed the most to start??
The track that payed the #400 to start got all the cars so all the tracks started to do it…
Now its $200 to start and noone can aford the purse…
Well who did this the track orthe drivers??
go for it…


ya know don we used to go all the way to concord for the big 10 races they paid 400.00 to start and 1000.00 for 10th 100.00 entry we would travel there figuring we could at least run 10th and be able to pay for the tires and the travel. now as you say we spend too much for stuff like slab rentals and manadatory fuel and tire purchasses just so the track can keep it’s door open . i guess to this old guy it seems that the promotors arn’t doing there job right they need to get out and sell the shows so they are not depending on the racers to fund everything i know this is a tough deal but the sucessful guys like howie commander and Mark grundem get the job done . i know over the years mark has been more than help ful to making me see how it’s done . perhaps the local promotors should take advantage of stetson universityand use some marketing intern students to help them with this juast sayen. woody bemco fab

I’ve always wondered why tracks don’t spend more time getting advertisers to pay the bills instead of relying on the racers and spectators money. I can’t count the number of tracks i’ve been to that have virtually no local or national company advertising or race program participation. And when they do, they seem to have only one car dealer or one oil company participating while leaving out the other 9 local dealers who could and probably would purchase program ads or sponsor races or classes.
You only have to take a look at NASCAR to see how to make money from including as many advertisers as possible