Another good night at melbourne motorsports park.

Another great job by the staff and everyone had fun. Vintage cars were cool and pleased the crowd. 4cyl class added 4 cars from last time(I think). The 40 lap feature was cool. I knew it was going to be about surviving. I hung outback waiting for the end. High attrition played into my hand but the late caution never came. Finished second to the 5 car …AGAIN !!!

Doing it again in 2 weeks. Can’t wait !!!

…another good sign…folks walking around wanting TO BUY YOUR CAR !!!
Lots of people showing interest.

What kind of car count are they getting, and how about the crowd? I don’t do faceboard, so the only information I get is on here. What a shame, I only live about 10 miles from the track. Thanks, billy

This week there were ten 4 cyl cars, five 8 cyl cars and four Vintage cars that came out to race. It was a blast!!! Hope more and more cars keep showing up. The crowd was amazing also. Both the front and back stretches were lined with tailgaters and fans cheering on the racers. Not as many cars/fans as expected but I suspect that that had a lot to do with the weather, which did thankfully hold out for us this weekend. I think the track is off to a pretty good start! Looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks!!!

Wow…track surface looks awfully rough, and awfully narrow. Looks like it’s barely two lanes.

Track is every bit of 3 lanes wide. It does get a little rutted up in the corners by the 8 cyl guys still though. Was much better this weekend then 2 weekends ago and they’re working on making it even better. I heard that they were planning on getting a mixer and roller out there so hopefully that will help. It’s definitely great fun!

The backstretch parking was full and the front was about full. Nice crowd I thought. 10 4cyl cars (up from 6 opening night), 6 or so vintage cars and no new V8’s. I would start a fwd 6cyl class. those things are everywhere !!

The surface is like racing in a cow pasture…because that’s what it is…and its a freaking blast !!! They’re working to improve the surface but FWD cars will tear the hell out of ANY dirt track. I have no clue how to prepare the track surface…nor do I care. I race for the fun of it, and holes or no holes, this place is fun. Go get a crap can junker and bring it out. You’ll see what I mean.

If I’m not aloud to post this kind of info, then the Mods will delete it. I have no idea who the person is selling this car. Just a good car for the dirt track.

looks like they’re having fun!!!

That looks like a blast. A few more cars and it will be like old times. I’ll try to get out there in the near future. A little advertising on this site woud help jog our memories since they don’t race every week. Keep up the good work. billy