Light 'em up!

Here is a great combination: LED lights and racecars. About half of the cars in the Rolex had a LED lights on them, and I can tell you that they looked GREAT at night. Because the lights were in different locations and were different colors, it made it pretty easy to find the car you are looking for, even on a long track at night.

No one overdid it. They might have a strip of lights on a fender or around a window. Some just had one on the roof, and others had a few in the drivers compartment (those looked great!)

Why LED lights? Aside from being bright and colorful, they are also:
safe and industructable
simple to install
light weight

The parts trucks at the track should start selling them to the drivers.

Even the same old field of flat black Monte Carlos will look more flashy and interesting with a little light on them!

Yep, they looked great. I really liked some that had the lit up grille areas and such. I use rolls of flexible LED strip at my shop often. They’re waterprooof, self adhesive, and just need a 12volt source and they draw very, very little current to run. I think it’s one of those things that some racers might consider pointless but I think the fans would really enjoy it.