NSS / NASCAR Drivers Meeting - Saturday - FREE Beer!

[SIZE=“4”]Drivers Meeting For All New Smyrna Speedway Racers and Crew this Saturday Night![/SIZE]

New Smyrna Speedway will host a meeting for Drivers and Crew Members on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 7:00pm. Bob Duvall from NASCAR will be present to answer any questions regarding the NASCAR sanctioning, points etc.

After the meeting we will serve food and have live music and free beer (while it lasts). We look forward to seeing everyone at New Smyrna Speedway this Saturday night.

Wow, a bunch of outspoken racers with a few beers in them and lots of questions they want answered… sounds like the making of an interesting evening.

Will there be tech people that can answer questions?

Will the head tech person be there to answer questions on class-specific rules?

As far as I know, Ricky Brooks will not be in attendance. However, you can contact him anytime with Rules questions at 850-324-6821.

Please keep in mind that like most of us, he works a full time job. If he does not answer, leave a detailed message including your name and phone number and he will get back with you.

Recipe for disaster!!

Free beer, race car drivers and track management in a meeting!! Kinda like a United Nations meeting with everyone drinking beer!! Will a video be made?? Sounds like fun!!

Please note in the announcement where it says After the Meeting there will be food, beer and entertainment!

How long could a 12 pack last with those guys.

just kidding

Or… start the entertainment early and just hand out the beers half an hour before the meeting starts.

theres no doubt these boys will have drank plenty of beer before the meeting. Unless there going to have a breathalyzer to pass before the meeting! LOL