Wood Brothers - Neat Photo

A little evolution of their race team L-R starting with the “Generation Six” Cup car to the 1963 Daytona 500 winning Ford Galaxie… Jon, Jordan, Len, Eddie and Leonard Wood…

Something is missing

I don’t care about “Gen-whatever”, no Wood Brothers picture should be without the '72 Cyclone Pearson drove. JMO

Did Pearson ever drive the Cyclone? I know A.J. won the 500 with it in '72, and Donnie drove it…I thought they had switched to the “other Mercury” (Montego) by the time Pearson got there.

David Pearson took over the ride in 1972, and the Cyclone was the car. I don’t think it changed to the Montego until 1975, and they won the Daytona 500 with it in '76. Stayed a Montego until Pearson drove the wheels off it (literally) in 1979 at Darlington. :frowning:

Pearson’s first race for the Wood Brothers was April 16, 1972 - Darlington Rebel 400 - Won the pole and the race. He made 14 starts in the Wood Bros. car in 1972 and won 6 times - Finished all but one race in the top ten.

I think/thought Cale drove it also???

[QUOTE=ModelCarMan;120129]I think/thought Cale drove it also???[/QUOTE]Cale drove in '68/'69 with the Cyclone Spoiler II (the sister car to the Torino Talladega). That much I know…LOL…I just wasn’t sure if/when Pearson started driving for them.

As far as that pic goes, though…there’s an awful BIIIIIIG gap between that '64 Ford and that '90 Thunderbird…should at least be three more cars…LOL