7- 9" gear sets

7- 9? ford gear sets from left to right

  1. 6.83 with lightweight spool
  2. 5.67 with lightweight spool
  3. Bare housing
  4. 3.70 with stock spool
  5. 4.85 with lightweight spool
  6. 2.75 with stock spool
  7. Stock factory gear
    Asking $550 obo for everything or trade for quick change 5x5. would like to sell as a whole package for more info contact kyle @ 8632886016

I need the 5.67 how much


what splin are thay


I would like a price on the 6.83 also.

the 3 gears with the light weight spools are 31 spline and the rest are 28

price on 4:85 please .

$150 each on the chuncks with light weight spools

Where u located

Winter haven

Would you ship it if I sent the money to you first plus whatever it take to ship

sent private message. thanks

Sent pm did you receive it? Let me know!:slight_smile: