pass race @ a-dale

Does any one know who is going to this race this weekend. I only see 11 cars regestered? 40 bucks to get in the pits?? If you have any updates please post…thanks Joe

I was planning on going over but will wait until after practice tonight to decide… see if they actually have a decent field… Hope all the Northerners left before the blizzard…

I have been wondering too, but it looks like we will have to wait till practice is over. From what I have read all the PASS regulars will be there. The only locals I have heard is Anthony Cattaldi, and Joe Boyd. I talked to some of Campi’s crew down at PGS, and they said Anthony was helping Boyd.

Join the club I’ve been inquiring as well. Looks like a 12 to 15 car field! I wonder if they will shorten the race to 100 laps? I guess practice will tell the story.

I just got here, and counted 12 so far, I sure hope more show up, or I might just go home and watch my grass grow…lol

Thanks Chevy, I was wondering that as well. I will check in to see if there is an update tonight after practice but I would think as far as most of them have come, if they were going race, they would already be there. Does not sound good for a 200 lapper.
As far as tomorrow I will be there no matter what, just hoping for a better race. Thanks again everyone for the updates!!

13 cars at 6 pm…:frowning: I am thinking that is all there is gonna be…

rember when the race north and south came to lakeland big track had 90 cars the first year.
the little track had 40 cars.
we ran one at adale in 1980 and won the lastchance race 24 cars in that race. had 56cars in the pits
How times have changed…
Boy they sure have fixed it…


Just got home.still 13 cars. Joe Boyd quickest at 13.31 on my watch. Ben Rowe second at 13.51. Most of the other cars 60’s and 70’s. really thought there would be more cars?..if any one goes back tomorrow, please put updates… Thanks joe

18 cars now…

There goes Don blowing his own horn again, leaving the truth behind. Lakeland NEVER had 90 cars in one division. It didn’t happen Don…

Yeah, its so great
lakeland isn’t even there anymore!!

I can tell for a fact on opening weekend of the track the Jackaroo Sportsman had over 70 cars. There was nowhere to park for anyone. All classes had plenty of cars .So Don has a right to toot his own horn.

I remember that first Hooters race…when the SLM’s came out to pit row for qualifiying, they just kept coming and coming. Finally I think something around 75 cars took time, it was amazing.