Ocala updates

32 Mods, Sprints about the same. No full count yet.

Donny Schatz sets fast time, and also wins heat 1.

Heat 2 in the books, going to Danny Lasoski. Tony Stewart got 5th and will transfer to the A Main.

PS - Steve Kinser was in heat 1, and looked positively awful. Almost spun out all on his own.

Heat 3 has Jac Haudenschild the win, in the only Florida based Outlaws team, owned by occasional Karnac visitor, Bay Rat.

Logan Shuchart, Grandson of Hall of Famer Bobby Allen, got 3rd last night, but will have to run the B tonight.

Heat 4 is lining up. Car count total is 32.

24 will go to the A-Main.

The only yellow of the Sprint car heats comes out for Lance DeWease who climbed the front stretch wall. He is also going to the B.

The restart allowed Kraig Kinser to sneak by little known Jack Sodeman Jr. for the win. Cap Henry also slid by for 2nd.

Dale Blaney wins the Dash to start on the pole for the A Main

B Main won by Cody Darrah. Kinser won’t make it unless he gets a provisional. Same with Schuchart.

Mod feature won by Kyle Strickler from NC. Florida drivers struggled big time… Ivedent Lloyd was the best of the bunch, and I believe he only get 11th. Kenny Schrader got about 8th.

Track is dry/slick, and not very racey. If you get just a foot or two off the bottom, you’re screwed. Hoping the Sprints shake it up a bit, or this could be a follow the leader snoozefest.

Sprints lining up now.

Kinser accepts charity… gets the final provisional, after ageless & under-funded Danny Smith.

Top 6 starters are Blaney, Tim Schaffer, Schatz, Stewart, David Gravel, and Paul McMahon. 4 wide salute right now.

Shaffer gets early lead, but Blaney slips by in traffic. Caution is out for Mark Imler (I think… 2 team cars look identical).

Top 5 on L-9 are Blaney, Shaffer, Schatz, Stewart, and Greg Wilson for the first time into the group. Cap Henry pits, Gravel sliding back through the field.

Yellow back out right away. Haudenschild broke inn the restart.

Svante get Schaffer for 2nd. Blaney cruising.

Kinser broke, Blaney nailed the back, and lost several spots.

Scents leads over Schaffer, Stewart Blaney and K Kinser

Totally missed that Danny Dietrich also snuck in there.

Checkered flag sees Schatz win his 2nd in a row, followed by Schaffer, Stewart, Dietrich & Blaney.

All done at 11:08.

Was informed by the Dietrich crew they did NOT get a top-5. Now I’m confused. Could have been Danny Holtgraver whose car looks a lot like Dietrich’s.

Still unsure though.

Thanks for all of the updates Frasson 118