nss night 2

Good racing tonight. Lots of bent cars though.

Tour Mods put on the best 10 car show I have seen. Lota of racing, cant wait for the other half of the field to show up!

Really felt like nasse benjamin and kwiseniski ? Got screwed. Put to the rear for not beingn lined up in time? That’s bullshit. I understand the tech rules and being picky there but this was weak. Gonna hurt the show.

Pro lates was good show too, brad mays run from the back was way impressive. For the second night in a row leader got screwed by a backmarker. These guys are morons.

Like I keep saying, “rules are rules”. Why should they keep pushing the envelope knowing that Ricky will not tolerate it. Everyone keeps talking about favoritism but if he keeps enforcing the rules exactly as they are printed then that should eliminate any accusations of favoritism. Other tracks should follow Ricky’s example.

I am fine with strict enforcement of tech rules. My point is that this is a dumb rule that will do more harm than good. I understand the need for getting lineups done expeditiously, but this seems like a harsh punishment for a minor infraction and it took three contenders out of the race. As a fan, I would have waited 5 minute and seen the race I paid for.

I agree Bubba. Enforce the rules but when they start getting ridiculous and guys don’t run, you’ve gone too far.

Why have rules if the racers are allowed to pick and choose the ones that they think are important and discard the rules they don’t think they should abide by.

From what I understand, Ricky Brooks told ‘em all at the tech/drivers’ meeting that they needed to be in line in time, not waiting until the field is lined up and on the race track…

So if Ricky makes a rule about how long they can piss in the bathroom, you think they should enforce it? Or maybe, if the rule has NO affect on competition and adversely affects the show - they should think about not having the frickin rule?

Look, I am a big supporter of the way Ricky runs tech - I agree with the weight issues on Friday - this particular rule is BS.

Why would he want to do that? That certainly doesn’t make sense. Keeping the schedule going and drivers not dragging their butt would surely make sense though.

You and i clearly have a different perception of things.

i dont think they will be late anymore…and he did give warnings!!!

Exactly what I was trying to explain.

You have to take into consideration also that those cars might have gotten to make any last minute adjustments that the other cars might not have had time to make because they were called to pit road. Rules are rules and it wasn’t like they weren’t warned in the driver’s meeting.