"Short track" at Daytona...

Pits/“garage area” outside of the tracks/behind the grandstands.

I guess they consider that racing at Daytona.

If you can drift in the corners looks great. Drag race drift, drag race drift looks like it is gonna suck to me. Not only that if you have never sat in those superstretch stands when the sprint cup cars run you can barely see their roof the mods you won"t see anything.

Make the gokart track bigger for cars and pave it…and then run it weekly :slight_smile:

Really hope they hold this at NSS next year…

I really thought you were kidding around with that photo. Teams are driving hundreds of miles for that? Esp when there are real short tracks not far from Daytona. And mod drivers have been avoiding NSs for this? Jeez

Its going to be fine. The better drivers will find a way to make it work.

I may be the only one feels this way but I just expected a little more from NASCAR. Kind of makes me question their agenda, but hey now the little guy can race at Daytona!!

From an owners point of view,if the track boundries inside and out are going to be tires you will either see a lot of torn up race cars or a very boring show. I will watch the first few minutes and then switch to Bones for some real entertainment. I hope the tickets aren,t to $$$ and parking not a nightmare for those who attend. The one positive aspect that I can see is track testing costs all you need is a vacant parking lot and some cones.

This will be interesting to see. Hopefully they at least put some “K” barriers in the middle, would hate to see someone crossover after a spin and have a head-on collision. Good Luck and Be Safe!

NASCAR sure broke the bank building that short track. Smart planning on their part though, they can take the show on the road in the future and set it up in any mall parking lot.

well im about to head up there and enjoy a day at daytona.looks like it will be fun

That first pic is a little deceiving. Tire bariers are the INSIDE of the track and the pic doesn’t show the continuous corner wall with tires covered by fabric. Yellow line is the inside of the racetrack. Check out SPEED51.coms minute-by-minute coverage with pics at this link:


Live practice and qualifying with video on this link with Ken Squier announcing! Scroll down.


29 Late Models. NASCAR wanted to have 4-25 lap heats. Only drew enough cars for 2. Heats at 5:30.

“short track” at Daytona

Wow!!! only 29 cars and 2 heats???
Weren’t they advertising 100’s of cars and 4 heats?
My brother is there right now,and I’ll bet he ain’t happy…25 buck rrip-off

he should have looked at the days they are running tomorrow is the day

We are here now. View is way better than anticipated, its actually pretty cool. Its obviously flat as hell but should make for some interesting racing.

They should build something like this at Homestead. After the crap they pulled when Hialeah was closed and claimed it was S. Florida’s new home for stockcar racing. Even a semi-perm structure there would be nice I know they cater to the SCCA all the time.


Well they didn’t have the “Big One” on the backstretch like they do in the cup cars but they certainly had enough small ones. Had no problem getting up for a beer, cigarette or what ever. They even had to stay on live for some of the cautions as they were probably out of ad spots. I am simply not a fan of flat circle tracks.

I agree egg. Also the turns are just too tight. Omly one groove the only real passing is if it stays green long enough to spread out a little. Otherwiseits stay on the bottom till someone rams someone and that happened what was it 19 times in the mods? Turned tv off after just a handful of lap in the K&N race. Did it finish yet?

I don’t know I was probably asleep before you. I was going to switch to FSU basketball but that game was over after the tip-off.