Jeremy Clements suspended

for a racial slur. Anyone know what was said?

Maybe something along the lines of Brian France being a moron, Danica Patrick on the pole or 50 Dollar not seeing no black people?

I’ll bet he said

!@#$%^&* !!!

It must have been a good one. NASCAR is not releasing the comment and neither is Jeremy. It will leak out. The more they hide it, the more valuable it becomes. Somebody will sell the info to the highest bidder. Watch the tabloids in the grocery store checkouts for some good false information.

Since you politely ask for it:

I think she’s stuck up and not really that pretty, although I wouldn’t turn her down. Both the NASCAR fans and NASCAR have a fixed pole for her. I really don’t like that cause she doesn’t deserve it, but she opened herself up to stuff like this. And for what? Another pole at Daytona? Come on, either win or be a another pretty face kissing the winner." - Jeremy Clements

I thought he was talking about Jeff Gordon until the pole comment. :huepfen024:

If Nascar hadn’t said anything publicly and hadn’t punished him, we never would have heard it. They should have told him he was a bad boy and please don’t do that again. :slight_smile: Now, they’ve fined and banned him so everyone wants to know what he said. They didn’t honestly think they could keep it hushed up, did they? When a company tries to control what is said about them, you can assume there must be some truth to the comment. Any company, anywhere.

Selling News papers…

This weeks WHATsUP. Every week there is sometime. Just selling News papers…

Thanks, apparently NA$CRAP doesn’t like hearing what others are thinking. NASCORP expects every driver to be completely refined and say all the right things, and if you don’t play by their rules you don’t play the game. And they wonder why tickets are not selling.

All racers were boy scouts girl scouts and altar boys in their first life NASCARS expectations are quite reasonable in that light.

NASCAR, Indy, NFL, NBA, MLB etc etc are going to the corporate world. Money talks and when a player/driver makes them look bad they will put a stop to it. Just wait and watch what they do to Bad-Brad! It’s happing right in front of our eyes already. They all turn into a cookie cutter driver, they all will sooner or later.

I’m not sure where the statement above came from, that’s not what’s being reported by multiple sources.
The statement was an N-word to a MTV reporter.

I just read on ESPN that he dropped the N bomb. It’s 2013, there are some things you just don’t say, but does the punishment really fit the crime?

What’s this world coming to? I hear the N- Word and the F- bomb ALL DAY LONG (and I do mean ALL DAY LONG) among themselves, and it’s O.K. But as soon as we say it, it’s racism!!! I guess it’s ths way it is anymore (the cultures). Their parents talk like that at home in general conversation. Can’t even say a sentence without using the F-Bomb in it. If I spoke like that when I was young, even if he heard it from somebody else what I said, my Dad would have kicked my ass a country mile. Just makes me want to go to my little house in a little town in Tennessee and fall off the Radar!!! And Yes I am a White American!!!

When I heard “racial slur” I knew some dummy (sry Edm) would come here and say “I wonder what it was” and be totally serious.


C’mon man, no need for an insult. Maybe where you are from there is only one racial slur but growing up in Osteen I have heard a few more that equal the “n” word.

I guess a more intellectual question would have been what the “racial slur” was in reference too?

You ignorant redneck…

…you used “too” the wrong way.

You must be in with that Titusville bunch. Or is that a racial slur too?

Haha, oh my educated firefighter friend from Palmetto, who would have known? Thanks for pointing out my improper use of the English language, must have been late.

"I guess a more intellectual question would have been what the “racial slur” was in reference too?

It should have said, “I guess a more intellectual question would have been was the racial slur a reference tool?”

The cracker from Titsville :ernaehrung004:

[SIZE=“1”]amazing how leaving [/SIZE][SIZE=“1”]you[/SIZE] [SIZE=“1”]out of word changes everything.[/SIZE]

I heard it was “nigger rigged”.

Oh Oh Oh

He did it !!! He said it !!!

You Mr Lurkin are suspended from NASCAR indefinitely

On Wednesday, NASCAR announced it had “indefinitely suspended” Nationwide Series driver Jeremy Clements for making “an intolerable and insensitive remark” that violated its code of conduct.

They did not, however, specify exactly what Clements said, and neither did Clements when he gave an interview to ESPN about the suspension. But he did confirm that the comment was racial in context, and said that he made it in the presence of a NASCAR employee and an MTV reporter.

Several other outlets picked up on the story, and quickly figured out that reporter was Marty Beckerman, an associate editor for MTV’s Guy Code blog, an extension of MTV2’s “Guy Code” television series, which takes a humorous look at “the laws of manhood.” Beckerman was covering last weekend’s NASCAR events at the Daytona International Speedway and spoke to several drivers.

As the news of Clements’ suspension ? and speculation over just what he said ? began to spread, Beckerman remained silent… until he sat down with MTV News to speak about what happened in Daytona.

“I was there to do a fish-out-of-water story about going to NASCAR and having a wild, crazy weekend. And, we were doing interviews with many of the drivers, and I was on the way to another interview ? we were looking for [driver] Johanna Long’s trailer ? and the NASCAR publicist called Mr. Clements over and asked him for help finding her,” Beckerman said. “He walked us toward where she was, and on the way over, I explained to him that Guy Code is rules for guys, how you treat your friends, how you treat your ladies, things like that. I was there to do a humor piece, so I asked him what would be Guy Code for race car drivers, and he blurted out [a phrase that used the n-word].”

Beckerman said that Clements didn’t use the phrase in reference to any specific driver, but was instead illustrating that “if you drive roughly, you’ll be treated roughly.” He wrote the quote down in his notes (the conversation was not recorded) and, since he was in the presence of a NASCAR publicist, continued to speak with Clements for a few more minutes, before going to interview Long. Then, on Thursday morning, as the story continued to unfold, Clements called him to discuss the quote and let it be known that he regretted making it.