Opening Night at Orlando Speedworld

I guess the from more than one source Speedworld is racing the 8th of March, no news from track or owners, whats the deal , what classes are racing , no rules posted , not a very professional way to start a new life in to the track we love to race at . How about some info from Ozzie! Rumors dont bring racers or fans in the stands .

Her messages have been rated PG because of her screen name. They can no longer appear on a family friendly message board. :slight_smile:

Winger… :wink:

Im sorry I dont have info on Orlando. Been out of commission physically and very seldom post.
Been staying close to home. I am praying I can go to Full Throttle for the first race. sorry i cant help you. and i totally agree with you… rumors are seldom worth listening to. Have a nice day.
OZZIE aka Carol Wicks :auto003:

Hay Caroll

I think they are talking about a diff ozzie from orlando


silly me. guess im not the only OZ in town… but my license plate says i am for sure. hahaha Gotta run to FM airport and pick up my sister. call me when ya get a chance.
OZ ;-):auto003: