Desoto Paving???

Any truth to the rumors that they paved the corners of Desoto?

Was told by Mike Chase at NSS the night that it was purchased that they were not going to repave it, just patch some spots and try to smooth it out.

But then again, that was about a month ago…

Yes, it is somewhere between a little patch job and a full paving. They are doing a lot of work to smooth it out and have a good season, and then I hear a big surprise is coming at the end of the year. No, not dirt, don’t waste time wondering about that. I got it about 3’rd hand, but I believe it and it IS something exciting.

I’ve heard there’s lot’s of work being done. I’ll have to drive out there and check it out. It’s been badly in need of repaving for a while now, but the new owners will have to do what they can, when they can.
Besides, they have to have the money to put up the Full Throttle Speedway sign we’re all looking forward to.

Hopefully they fix that whoopti-doo going off into 3.

Big Block

LOL Big block

Thats what I was wondering…Hey Bone dont keep secrets. If you know somethin spill it

If you know somethin spill it

Sorry, gotta be a jerk and keep this quiet. It will be really cool when it comes out, but I am sure the owners will announce it when they are ready.

Besides, I heard it 3’rd hand…so maybe I’m wrong (but I don’t think so!)

Switching to an all Bandolero/Legends format?

all Bandolero format

[SIZE=“6”]OHH NNNOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo!!![/SIZE]

I was in a meeting and Kevin said they were going to patch the track up and smooth the transition from the oval to the figure 8. He mentioned that it was a sprint car racers asphalt company doing the work.

I dont know what surprise you know about, but hopefully its not that they are adding a motocross track , cause thats not exciting to me.

Is it an ARCA race Boneman

The surprise is that Kevin is changing his last name to …Stimus

Well… if it isn’t All Bandoleros All The Time ( darn, that would have been great news ), then Full Throttle Speedway must be going NASCAR again.

I know he wants to try to have one there. It is to small and no pit road. Don’t see that working to well. You were right on your guess I believe!

[QUOTE=BigBlock98;122946]Hopefully they fix that whoopti-doo going off into 3.
Big Block[/QUOTE]

I like that dip… keeps me awake tho :smilie_bett:
Lotsa sparks off the sportsman and SLM cars too :sprachlos020:
-Ge Um-

Desoto is NOT too small for ARCA. I saw them a few years ago at Lake Erie Speedway, which is also a 3/8 mile track. They didn’t have a pit row either. I seem to recall they pitted in the infield.

I don’t think ARCA has ever been there but the old ASA series was there years ago and I think they have been there once since I let.

ARCA has a race scheduled at Elko Speedway in Minnesota this season which is a 3/8 mile and I’m pretty sure they have run at Anderson Speedway in the past which is a 1/4 mile! I don’t think there’s any type of track that ARCA won’t run on. Short track, superspeedway, road course or dirt, they run 'em all! Definitely the most diverse series in racing. I’d love to see 'em run at Desoto! :cool:

Sprint car fig 8 race and bonny is on the pole…


Sprint car fig 8

Wing or no wing?