FUPS SLM 3/16 Auburndale

In case you missed it! 19 quality cars on hand, Webster sent to the rear only to come back up with good finish, Anderson starts 7th, takes lead on lap 42, leaders include Keene Jr. Mike Smith, Jonathan Guy. Double File restarts no crashes due to double file fans loved it! Green White Checker, Anderson, Dorer, Webster, Guy, & Jesica Murphy. And, oh yea results on KARNAC Front Page by 7:30am Sunday morning. More info at www.floridaunitedpromotersseries.com

Good job Rick. A quick overview, timely, and a link to full results. THATS the way to follow up on the event…!!!

And even better, not even a hint of a bad attitude…

Frasson, the last sentence did have a little bit of attitude… Not sure about the 19 quality cars either. The race was a crash fest, 9 cars finished. Did not understand when the 10 and 42 got together, why one of them did not get put to the back?? But I was able to assume why. Every other accident someone was sent to the rear. If the series is gonna survive they have to be more consistant on the calls… The headlines should read, Wayne gets out of A-dale without getting screwed!!! Except for the trophy that is… And series durometers work this week.lol just my two cents…Joe Schmidt

Great race last night,Track, Rick and Sean and everyone else kept it moving well. Another job well done.

quality cars??

Not real sure what makes a quality car, a quality car?? Also could not figure out why, when 42 and 10 got together and brought out the caution, neither car went to the back?? I only counted 9 cars running at the end, there was a lot of tore up cars. At A-dale single or double file re-starts, you still have a bunch of tore up cars. I still think the track is good for mini stocks and legends, anything bigger, the track is just to small. I am sure the fans loved it,(all the tore up cars) send them the bills…lol…Just my two cents Joe Schmidt

FUPS SLM 3-16 Auburndale

The racing was good,not great.Once Wayne Anderson gotr the lead,he was gone.He set sail,and his fast time qualifying showed how fast he was.

I talked to Bruce Bennett,He wasn’t that confortable w/Auburndale because of the turns,yet had a good finish in 8th place.

I also talked briefly with Bill Bigley.He told me a couple of people want to re-open Punta Gorda speedway.Well,we’ll see.

Jake Perkins has shot up in heigth.Wow! Last year when he started driving late models,he was about at my chest.Now he towers over me.He is such a good kid,and I wish him all the best.

All in all,a good show at Auburndale.

FUPS SLM Auburndale 3-16

Jonathan Guy (number 42) and his family own the track.Steve Dorer (number 10) is the current track champion.Favoritism? Maybe.Also Auburndale is a heritage race track that is well known around the county.So late model drivers like the challange to drive there.Looking for a bigger track? New Smyrna is a half-miler.

steady steve, i dont mind the small track, but cars can not race side by side, the track only has one groove, and that is the bottom. I kneww the 42 was “family” and that really sucks for the rest of the racers.

The first question is an easy one, a quality car is one that came from JCR. LOL.
Auburndale is a pretty tight race track for fast cars, but they’ve been running fast cars there for years and it works. It’s a one groove track but i’ve seen passes made on the outside. It’s another one of the tracks that has a long history.

FUPS @ auburndale 3/16

Yes Auburndale does have tight turns and only one groove,and like you said,it’s the bottom groove.Bruce Bennett (numer 24 super late model) sad that too me saturday.

BUT,if your car hs a better set-up and gearing,you can make that outside groove work.I saw Steve Dorer in a race in Febuary do just that in a race at Auburndale.I’ve seen John Vallo use the outside groove and win at comporable tracks at Kil-Kare and Shady Bowl speedways.

It is a challange,but it can be done.

Shady Bowl, Kil kare, my home tracks including Columbus Motor Speedway. I raced all three, what about Don Gregory, Jim cushman, Carl Smith, Dick Dunlevy Jr. and many others all could run the outside. Hey Steve when did you go or race at these tracks/ We may know each other.

Circledude steady steve never raced anywhere but to the dinner table.lol We both went there from the time we were kids in the 1950s.Steve hasn’t been there for about 5 years now since he moved to southwest florida in 98.I went to races all over ohio last summer and videod a couple from cms and the bowl.Only went to kil-kare a couple times last summer because I really like watching more than 8 cars in a feature.KIL KARE has become much like Desoto.Facility needs A LOT of improvement and they only draw more than a handfull of latemodels or modifieds once a year when they run the Robbie Dean Memorial race.Its kind of sad going there nowadays when you remember what it was like in the 70s.Dunlevy jr. Won damn near every latemodel race there last summer being as he had little to run against.Hooray for him though since I was always a big fan of his and his dad Dick sr.,especially since he got to retire at the end of the year with one last track championship.Speaking of Ohio did anyone notice Mansfield Motorsports Park sold at sherrifs auction in January for 800,000 dollars.They held nascar truck races there just 5 years back.Its a steal if the guy that bought it knows what to do with it./-

FUPS SLM Auburndale 3/16


Steve I just let you win because I didn’t like what was on the table.But you will eat anything that doesn’t eat you first.LOL!!! But seriously don’t you prefer watching even the most boring of race at A-dale vs. Sitting at home and watching the boring nascar race of the day on tv?:grinser010: