Thunder Cross......

Thundercross closed it’s doors in 2004 never to reopen again…Click here for race reports from 2002 and 2003

Is the whole site still there and intact, or everything has been bulldozed?

All gone. :frowning:

Some nonwing action.


Went over there a few times, got to see Jeff Choquette start out. He could drive the wheels off the car even back then. I remember the owner of the place was some lawyer from South Florida. He had lot’s of big ideas but not enough money or personality to keep it going. I heard that the brothers who owned the land just weren’t interested in keeping it a racetrack.

That wasn’t the “owner”, just one of those who tried to make it a go on a “rent to own” deal.

Yeah, you’re right. I do remember he was just leasing to own. He left with a lot of unpaid bills i heard.