PGS - Englewood Sun article ????

Has anyone else read or heard about Mr Haase from the Indianapoilis area waiting to place his bid for the track with the Airport authority? Had a family member read an article to me that appeared in the Englewood Sun (Saturday) newspaper stating this fact. They referred to Mr Haase having a Legend car background. Also was stated that he was aware of missing bleachers, etc, and he told reporter that didn’t make any difference as he would put in his own and fix things up. Also mentioned he had been looking for a track for a couple of years and is glad Punta Gorda is available. Sure hope this is a sure thing but guess time will tell. Would appreciate any additional news/input…Thanks…

I know that with the government sequester they are closing the Punta Gorda Airport tower. So I’m sure they are now willing to negotiate now. That’s to bad that they put the previous tenant in a bad position. And now he’s taken his business to another location. Just my opinion …

Agreed, Williams did do a fantastic job with the track, as did Diehl and LeRoy before him. They all added to each other’s accomplishments and the track following grew stronger with each. Another track with some great racing. Loved the Sprints there and the LM 6 pack series. First race I ever saw there (way back when) were the mini mods with most of the drivers up from the Keys. Wow what a show!!! Very fan friendly track with Williams promoting the races. Hopefully FTS & PGS can return to form giving fans, drivers & car owners there racing back to the standard it once was… The news all sounds encouraging and time will tell.

When it absolutely, positively must be done wrong you can always trust government to say Mission Accomplished!!!

And what happens to any future air shows at the Punta Gorda Airport with no controllers in the tower? That could be a double hit to the airport as well as the countys economy.Have any of those bozos in D.C. ever even seen that airport?Its not like they’re just landing Cesna’s there.There is some pretty damn big birds landing out there.Nobody may get to bid on it if some drunk sleep deprived pilot crash lands a plane on what’s remaining at the speedway grounds.But if anybody does try to take it over they better beware.I think the airport authority squeezed Kevin Williams out for whatever their reasons were because think about this any of you who ever have built a house or improved a building.Would the city or county let anyone put a driveway to so much as a doghouse in without having an inspector there like pronto -tonto to make sure there was adequate drainage in place? Yet they cut his parking lot in half and raised the roadway up creating literally a soup bowl effect on that property when they re-routed Piper road without so much as one sewer drain?And when that didn’t run him out after losing the biggest part of two months of his season they tried to up the lease because they had to get ‘‘fair market value’’ for the property.Well tell me just what is ‘‘fair market value’’ for a swamp?Ask anybody who knows about Pennsboro West Virginia what can come about when dealing with a fair board,government agencys and the like.Unfortunately anybody who does business with the airport authority might as well take a trip to Haites and get a little glimpse of what they’re in store for.

What a shame.

I remember going there when I was like 6-7. That track was wild.

[QUOTE=jason;123867]I remember going there when I was like 6-7. That track was wild.[/QUOTE]Huh? I don’t get it. What’s Punta Gorda Speedway (asphalt track) got to do with Pennsboro (1/2 mile dirt)?

both operated by promoters who leased the grounds

Pennsboro West Virginia sat on ground controlled by the county fair board,who ultimately let the speedway fall into disrepair,when it became obvious that the fair board had no desire for the speedwayto continue operating.Turning a deaf ear to the (both)local and regional racing community.Punta Gorda meanwhile is controlled by the airport authority who despite Kevin Williams best efforts and the local racing communities pleas made it obvious they have no real interest in the facility remaining a race track.They squeezed out an existing business and leaseholder in exchange for absolutely nothing and the possibility it could become a pig farm as long as they get (in their hopes) more money.And the damn place will sit there empty until it falls down as far as the airport authority is concerned.