Mod-Mini Roller

I have a very nice Mod-Mini Roller for sale. everything is there except the motor, Full Containment Seat 17", Belts Cam Lock, Fire bottle, mirror, 214 Transmission,345 Rear Gear, Wheels, Tires, All Gauges, Tach., Extra rear end housing. Put in your motor and go. $3000 Leave your responds here along with your email address and I will send you Pictures of the car.

Dave Davis

send pics to

What kind of extra rear gears do you have and do you have any extra tranny, clutch, or driveshafts?


I have three extra gears one rear end housing and one extra tranny. in the car is a 345 I have 273,308,327 in the car is a 214 tranny and I have a 197 nothing else.

pic’s please,


I send them when I get home from work today.


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Mod Mini Roller

Send pics to

never received.


back to the top- lets sell this thing. I needs a new home.

Will you sale just the seat?