Full Throttle Speedway

Full Throttle Speedway

Mini stocks

Are the rules for mini stocks gonna be the same as showtime? Want to build a car but can’t find rules.:ernaehrung004:

Rules are the same as Punta Gorda

The website for punta gorda is shut down. Any other suggestions?:ernaehrung004:


it works for me???

Still no luck???:fragend005:

It works for me . Just click the link he provided. Here’s the phone # 941-748-3171

Working for me…

They Don’t Have Mini Stock Rules On The Website.

They had said before the rules will be the same as showtime rules for the mini stocks :ernaehrung004:

The Mini Stock Rules At Showtime And The Pro4 Rules At Fts Are The Same. Does This Mean Fts Is Changing The Name Of Its Pro4 Class Or Starting A New Class With Different Rules.

Don’t know about name changes but they had said the mini stocks and mod minis were the same as showtime rules.

Mini Stock and Mod Mini rules will be what they use from Citrus and Adale since PGS did not run them.
Thank You