Opening Night at OSW a Success

From a drivers point of view it was great! Great people, great to be able to race at our local track!

Car count could have been higher sure. The weather threatened all day and them temp at race time was a little chilly.

Some little issues but I’m sure these are being worked on.

Not a lot of fans in the stands but advertising though planned was scaled way way back due to iffy weather.

Yeah, doors on the bathroom stalls!

Things noted by me.

  1. Fans were told there was NO military or police discount as advertised. This was told to fans buying tickets by sellers who stated “New Owners, no discount”. I think a UCF/Valencia College discount would also be a good idea.

  2. No food for some reason on fans side. I did not actually view that but my son and gf did.

  3. Last year the Strictly Stocks got a discount on pit entrance since their is no money for that division. This year, so far…full price.

Again, overall…we raced last night and that is good.