New Fire Suit

Have A One Piece Suit Gloves Neck Brace Shoes And Helmet Suit Large Gloves Med Shoes Say9 But Fit Me And I Wear A10 And Ahalf And Heilmet Small To Large Make Offer For Package Deal Its All New

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What size is the suit?


will u sell just shoes. if u will 352-727-5391:huepfen024:

suit is lg one peice

shoes are g -force gloves are g force neck brace and suit are R.J.S ALL NEW

make offer look at summit and see what i paid im willing to deal will seperate


What u want for shoes?

35.00 is fair if not let me know


where can we meet? call me 352-727-5391


where can we meet call me 352-727-5391

make offers

called you no reply

160.00 for all

sold thanks karnac