Desoto Crash 2003!

Doug Moff meets turn3 wal Desoto 2003! Click below

Bob we’re filming there when Morrison flipped? It was in a owm 125

yeper! I don’t think I got the flip I was on the leaders. But if I knew the date I could look.

Bob, who was in the 12 that crashed Doug?

I don’t remember! I bet if we ask Doug he could tell you!

It was Joe Sumasky

I figured it was him or Mike Franklin. Thanks

That was a big one. It’s easy to see why safer barriers can make such a difference. I also noticed that the broom buggy was there WAY before the medical team. It should be the other way around.

Actually the paramedic’s were the first on the scene. They were the 2 guys with the yellow slickers on. The tech director at the time brought their bus up to them. In fact they were by his side 14 seconds after his car came to a rest! Thats pretty good!

I watched the video again looking for the men in yellow slickers, and sure enough there they were. That WAS a good response time.
My next question is…what bizarre safety protocol requires the tech director to go get the ambulance and deliver it to the scene of a crash? I don’t remember ever seeing the ambulance show up at the crash site without paramedics leaping out of it.

HA! That is weird Matt. I don’t remember exactly but I think they were in the in field between 3 and 4 away from their ambulance and they just ran to Dougs side as soon as the cars cleared and Rob jumped in and took the truck to them.

Safety Vehicle

I Believe The Track Owned The Ambulance Back Then,when I Was Burned In The Leroy Porter Wreck There Was Only A Track Owned Ambulance There

Hey Dunk! That ambulance in 2003 was track owned but when you got into your wreck we had a Manatee county Auxillary Ambulance that was fully staffed and equipped. I have that video somewhere.

mike franklin

Franklin didn’t race people that way though. Now Samansky,on the other hand. he would drive thru the pace car if he had to. But if anyone rough drove him he didn’t like it to well . I think it was Samansky

I just ask Mike on facebook and he hadn’t seen it so I sent it to him. We;ll see!

Well we put that thought to bed! It wasn’t Mike! I just heard from him and he said it was the car he drove but a couple years before he started driving it.
It was more than Likely Joe samansky.